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    Custom Glass Water Bottles

    Help them see your brand clearly. Help them see your brand clearly. Help them see your brand clearly. see less

    Make Every Sip Count with Custom Glass Water Bottles

    Branded water bottles are tried-and-true giveaway. They're designed to be portable, so after you delight current customers with a water bottle giveaway, they’ll tote it all around town...boosting brand visibility for you and, ideally, attracting prospective clients. If you want to explore a more premium water bottle giveaway option, consider custom glass water bottles. Made from durable, thick glass, stylish promotional glass water bottles are a beautiful place to show off your logo.

    What types of branded glass water bottles are available at

    There's more than just one type of glass water bottle—explore all of your options, then choose the style that suits your brand.

    • Frosted Glass Water Bottles: If you’re looking for custom glass water bottles that aren’t totally transparent, a frosted style is a great option.
    • Silicone Sleeve Glass Water Bottles: Silicone sleeves add protection—and style!—to any branded glass water bottle. Plus, the silicone sleeve will proudly display your logo or custom brand message.
    • Screw-Top Glass Water Bottles: A screw-top design makes it easy for customers to drink their beverage of choice without worrying about leakage.
    • Engraved Glass Water Bottles: If you like the look of engraved water bottles, choose a glass water bottle that features an engraved lid. This will keep your logo top-of-mind...or, should we say, top-of-bottle.

    When should I give promotional glass water bottles to customers?

    There really isn’t a bad time to give promotional water bottles to customers—but they’ll be especially well-received on hot summer days. So, make sure to bring a batch of promotional glass water bottles to your next warm-weather tradeshow or networking event. You can also include a branded glass water bottle in welcome gifts for new employees or clients.

    And depending on the kind of business you run, custom glass water bottles can be a staple in your brand shop or giveaway repertoire. Think: yoga or pilates studios, climbing gyms, outdoor tour companies, hotels, and even coffee shops.

    What other types of water bottles are available at

    If glass isn’t your thing, don’t worry—you'll find custom water bottles made from all sorts of materials at Browse a selection of stainless steel water bottles, plastic water bottles, and insulated water bottles, all perfect for showing off your brand logo.