Corporate Christmas Gifts

Make merry this season and show your appreciation with Christmas gifts for employees and clients.

Make merry this season and show your appreciation with Christmas gifts for employees and clients.

Make merry this season and show your appreciation with Christmas gifts for employees and clients.

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Be of Good Cheer with Corporate Christmas Gifts

What better time than Christmas to show your appreciation for clients and employees? It’s the perfect season to take a second and reflect on what they mean to you, as well as pass along thoughtful business Christmas gifts.

We’ve curated a list of the best Christmas gifts for employees and clients, so you can easily find a meaningful way to connect with those that are important to your business.

Christmas Gifts for Employees

You wouldn’t be where you are without the help of your employees, and it’s always good practice to remind them of that! Along with a handwritten note, pass along your thanks with these corporate Christmas gifts for employees.

Personalised Pen Gifts

For employees, it’s always great to choose promotional Christmas gifts they can use while working, like customised pen gifts. Here are ones we’re sure they’ll enjoy:

Alpha Soft Touch with Stylus: this is one of our best-selling pens and for good reason! Your message will be professionally engraved on the velvety barrel, and the stylus will save your employees from having to touch every screen they come in contact with.

● Contour Pen with Antimicrobial Additive: a unique way to keep your team healthy is to pass out antimicrobial pens. These pens have been treated with an antimicrobial additive that protects against fungi, bacteria, yeast, and microbes, and won’t wear off through the years.

Personalised Gift Sets

Corporate gift sets should either add a bit of fun to their life or be functional (or both!). A few picks that are most likely on their lists:

● Soft Touch 6 LED Utility Light Bar Gift Set: at first you may be wondering why this made our top corporate holiday gifts, but the functionality of this seals the deal. This light has a hole at the base where it can be hung from a hook or clip, and a magnet on the clip so it can be attached to steel and iron as well.

Imperial Gift Set: the weighty feel of the pocket knife and stylus pen is sure to impress. The pocket knife comes with five functions and the stylus pen also comes with a light at the pen tip! So many functions in one beautiful package.

Christmas Gifts for Clients

Giving thanks to people that have supported your small business is imperative to keeping up working relationships. Choose from this list of corporate Christmas gifts for clients and you’ll keep them coming back again and again.

Corporate Pen Gifts

When thinking about gifting promotional pens to clients, go for a bit higher-end choice (but still affordable!), like the options below

Soft Touch Arlington Pen with Mirrored Imprint: these Christmas gifts for clients are so striking and unique thanks to the mirrored imprint. It adds a bit of shine to the soft touch barrel and a touch of class you can’t ignore.

Pyra Stylus Pen & Gunmetal Torch Gift Set: part pen, part torch, this gift set is all-out fabulous! The best part? Your imprint is featured on both gifts.

More Advertising Christmas Gifts

It’s always a good tactic to choose something memorable for your corporate Christmas gifts for clients. We think you’ll always be remembered if you go for:

Anti-Germ Utility Tool: this business Christmas gift is a sign of the times, for sure. It can be used to open doors, ring doorbells, and press keypads without using your fingers!

Bamboo Tumbler: drinkware is always a great idea as your recipients are sure to use it again and again. This tumbler is unique because it’s made of bamboo and features a pop-of-colour silicone lid and grip.

We can’t wait to help you customise your corporate Christmas gifts for employees and clients!