Promotional keyrings have universal appear and a great branding effect

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Personalised Keyrings at Very Low Price

In the last 2 decades, promotional keyrings became a very popular product used by businesses all over the world.

Nearly every set of keys has at least one personalised or promotional “giveaway” keyring, maybe a local company, car dealer, charity or estate agent, to name but a few. It’s easy to see why so many businesses use this relatively cheap form of brand promotion as part of their marketing strategy as it’s a very affordable option.

We can fully customise keyrings to your specification and give you the opportunity to market your business without needing to spend a lot of money.

Our wide range of branded keyrings range from simple metal keyrings to bottle-opener keyrings, key lights, keyrings with tools, “looped” keyrings and more. Customers love receiving "novelty" keyrings which have some practical use, whether it's as a handy pocket tool, flashlight or easy to find bottle opener which can all come in handy! We have 100’s of these novelty keyrings which can be customised including keyrings with icescrapers, measuring tapes, whistles, magnifying glasses, shopping trolley coins, nailclippers, USB chargers and even combos like keyrings with trolley coin and bottle opener.

Our keyrings help ensure your brand gets some visibility.

We're sure you'll find something within our huge range of engraved keyrings that will meet your requirements or even give you some great ideas.