Custom Disposable & Reusable Face Masks

Put your employees’ and customers’ health first with protective face masks. Put your employees’ and customers’ health first with protective face masks. Put your employees’ and customers’ health first with protective face masks.see less

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Show You Care with Custom Face Masks

Putting the health and safety of your customers, employees, and loved ones first is the key to being a compassionate business owner. Whether you’re concerned about the COVID-19 outbreak or flu season, or own a business in which masks are required, protective face masks are important to have on hand.

There are different types of custom face masks, so take a moment to consider what your need is. Do you need reusable face masks people can use when outside of their homes? Are you purchasing for a hospital or medical office? Medical face masks are exactly what you need.

Why Personalise a Face Mask?

Safety is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Face masks help customers and employees feel safer and more confident while in your establishment. Providing non surgical face masks, or offering branded face masks for sale, sends a signal that you take precautions seriously.

We recommend personalising your wholesale reusable face masks so that customers can represent your brand. As they go about town, they’ll show off the logo on your branded face masks wherever they travel.

What Types of Face Masks Are Available?`

Stand out for all the right reasons at your next big event by creating your own promotional lanyard for your ID card. These business lanyards are a simple and cost-effective marketing tool to expand your company exposure, bolster your image and even increase security. Hand them out around the office or at trade shows, coThere are four main types of face masks and coverings your business may need:

Non-surgical Face Masks

These non-surgical face masks help you to offer reusable, daily protection that’s cost effective for your business. Made with100% polyester, non-surgical face masks can be washed upwards of 30 times after each use, which makes trips to the grocery store, gas station, and doctor’s office a little bit easier.

Top Non-surgical Face Masks:

•Custom Non-Surgical Face Mask

•Non-surgical Reusable Face Mask

Reusable Promotional Face Masks

Bulk printed face masks offer your customers safety while providing tons of brand exposure for your business. Feature your logo on these reusable masks to get it seen again and again. Plus, reusable masks can be washed, making them both convenient and reliable for future uses.

Tip: For the best protection, look for reusable face masks made with special antimicrobial material.

Top Reusable Face Masks:

•Antimicrobial Cotton Britebrand™ with Branded Bag

•3-Layer Reusable Face Mask

•2-Layer Reusable Mask with Slot for Filter

•Antimicrobial Cotton Face Mask

Disposable Face Masks

When customers want to shop, but they’ve forgotten their face mask, provide them with a disposable mask they can use in-store. An extra supply of bulk disposable face masks will ensure you never have to turn away customers.

Top Disposable Face Masks:

•Disposable Surgical Face Mask

•Disposable Non-surgical Face Mask

•Box of 50 3-Layer Disposable Face Masks

Face Coverings & Shields

Face shields are see-through coverings that hang over the face. Some people like using these for the additional layer of protection, and others prefer them as their primary safety guard. Either way, they’re a great way to offer variety for your customers’ safety.

Top Face Shields:

•Face Visor

•Cap with Detachable Screen

Face Shield

Do You Have Face Masks for Kids?

Absolutely! Whether you need wholesale reusable face masks for students, the children at your child care center, or for the kids of clients, we recognize that getting the right fit is important. Our selection of kids face masks are designed to help you keep the little ones safe. Simply decide if you are looking for cloth reusable kids face masks, patterned non-surgical face masks for kids, or blank kids face masks.

Why Wear a Face Mask?

Wearing face coverings protects everyone in your community. It’s especially important for businesses to ensure all employees are wearing face masks. Not only will that keep your team safe, it will help customers shop with peace of mind as well. The safer people feel shopping in your store, the more likely they are to shop with you again. Reputation in business is key. Build a reputation for care and safety by wearing and promoting face masks within your business.