Keep your brand on show all year long with a range of personalised, promotional calendars from National Pen. Our high-quality calendars are a helpful gift for customers, clients or employees. Best of all, you can personalise with your logo and business name from January through to December.

Promotional Business Calendars

Whether it’s in the kitchen, on the bedroom wall or even in the office, photo calendars have become a staple for almost everyone. It’s ideal for business planning, personal schedules or just keeping track of what day it is. On top of that, they’re a great accessory to personalise a desk or just decorate the home.

With our wide range of personalised calendars, you can make sure your brand is on show in all of those places. Whenever someone needs to check the date, add an event or plan their holidays, they’ll be reminded of your business with your logo and company name.

Promotional wall and desk calendars as gift ideas

At National Pen, we understand that no two businesses are the same. That’s why we offer a selection of different calendar styles and designs. Choose from promotional wall calendars or desk calendars to get the best fit for your customers. Personalised calendars for walls are ideal for busy offices, while personalised photo calendars for desks have the advantage of being smaller and more personal if you’re trying to appeal to individual customers. A kitchen calendar with high picture quality will impress every family member and guests.

Choose a design and colour that fits your brand and create your own personalised calendar with your logo, business name or your favourite photos. They will make an ideal business gift whether you’re an online store or service provider. Clients can pop them in the office as a shared space for the rota or publishing schedule. Or customers could take them home as a family organiser.

Year-round brand exposure

With bespoke promotional calendars, you get your brand seen all year long. That’s ideal for making the most of holiday sales. Add key dates to the calendar as a reminder for customers or clients. Imagine having your business seen when they go to check for Black Friday or the first day of summer?

With National Pen, you get all of this with the best customer service and great prices. We cut out the ‘middle man’, selling straight from the manufacturer. So, you can rest assured you’re getting brand calendars that don’t break the bank.

Want to make your business stand out and keep customers coming back for more? Invest in high-quality business calendars from National Pen. Choose your favourite style, personalise with your business information and away you go. You can thank us throughout the year!