Water Bottles

Keep your customers hydrated and your logo visible with a personalised water bottle

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National Pen offers a wide array of water bottles that can be personalised to promote your company brand. Our products are not only high quality, but also durable and affordable.

The Appeal of Personalied Water Bottles

The popularity of water bottles is owed to their convenience and efficiency to help us stay hydrated throughout the day. Their design makes them easy to transport and also spill-proof. Personalised water bottles are a creative way to promote your company’s brand in a variety of settings. Give these products away at trade shows, promotional events, athletic competitions, or casually to clients. They are a great way to send a message while supporting an active lifestyle. The more useful and well-designed the product, the more likely it will be used. If you are giving away a custom water bottle that is well made and sporting a stylish design, you will get more exposure for your company. It could become a go-to piece of drinkware, meaning more potential customers or clients will see your name and consider your services.


Plastic water bottles are the cheapest and arguably the most versatile option. Ours come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. Many of the bottles are squeezable, making them convenient to use while exercising. Other selections offer a straw for sipping. Tops can vary between a pull tab, flip top, or screw. Some versions come with a carabiner for easy transport.


Aluminum offers a modern, sleeker look for sports bottles. These versions are not squeezable, but they are more durable and professional looking. Aluminum is also light, making bottles easily portable. Our aluminum bottles come with several options for size, shape, and lid.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel bottles are a solid alternative to lighter aluminum ones. These are more polished looking and may last longer. Stainless steel is naturally insulating and will keep water, juice, or sports drinks cool throughout the day. We offer a variety of shapes and size as well as finishes for these sleek bottles.


Glass might not be the best choice for athletic endeavours, but these bottles make a statement in other facets of life. They are great for use at home or in the office. Additionally, glass bottles are the most sustainable option we sell. Glass is recyclable, degradable, and hygienic. If you wish to enhance your brand as natural and health-conscious, glass is a winning choice.


National Pen is dedicated to making your image our business. We can add more value to your promotional items with our customisation and personalisation options. Choose just the right style, material, colour, and lid for your water bottles, then add your unique design. Popular options include your company logo, contact information, and a specific branded message. These edits are easy to make through our online ‘customisation’ function. Your personalised imprint can be conveniently added to our online order form. We have an on screen preview that enables you to check for typing and spelling errors. Note that the imprint text you provide will be scaled to fit the print area on your chosen promotional product. You easily add a logo to your order via the logo upload button. We do recommend that for best quality, you upload your logo image in vector format. There is a box for any special instructions on the upload page as well. Feel free to give us any information you think we need to create your product. Remember, that if you wish to see a proof of your logo artwork prior to production, you need to tick the designated selector box.

There is no setup fee and we offer buy now, pay later for every order. We also offer low minimum orders starting at only 50 units. Finally, if you are not 100% satisfied, we offer a money back guarantee.