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Promotional Product Marketing Tips

An effective marketing campaign is crucial to the success of your business. Promotional products work really hard for you if you utilize them effectively. Follow the advice below, and you'll see for yourself that promotional products can play a key role in your success.

 Open New Accounts

According to Dunn & Bradstreet, a sales call costs anywhere between $280 and $1100. That is why many sales reps use promotional products to ingratiate themselves with receptionists and secretaries. They also present promotional items to their decision-making audience as an expression of goodwill. And to convey the highest level of professionalism, they follow up their presentations with a letter and promotional product - such as an imprinted pen or day planner - that says "Thank You for Your Time". When you think about the cost of the sales call, it is penny wise and dollar foolish not to leverage the cost of the call by spending a little more money and adding the tremendous impact that promotional products give.

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 Sales Lead Generator

Smart businesses use direct mail to generate new sales leads. Studies show that when promotional products or advertising specialty items are used as part of the direct mail package, response rates increase between 12% and 130%. Sounds incredible doesn't it? The secret is that when you include a promotional item like a personalized pen or calculator in you mail, it gives it a bulk and heftiness that regular mail doesn't have. This attracts attention to your mail and insures that it will get opened and read. Did you know that 34% of all direct mail gets trashed before it is even opened?

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 Improve Trade Show Traffic

Trade shows cost a fortune. That is why the most experienced exhibitors use promotional products to maximize the value of those shows. The average attendee walks shows at a pace equal to one booth every 4 seconds. FOUR SECONDS is all the time you have to slow down prospects and get their attention. Anyone who has ever attended a show knows that people stop if they are handed a gift such as a free pen, key ring or promotional t-shirt regardless of value. Each person that stops and spends extra time with you gives you the added advantage of making your show more productive. That extra time gives you the opportunity of qualifying your prospect and creating more interest in your product or service. Outfitting your booth staff in matching promotional clothing is another subtle way of conveying your message.

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 Strengthen Customer Loyalty

There are many kinds of insurance you can buy to protect you against the unexpected. There is now insurance against the loss of customers, which is the lifeblood of any business. It is vital to do little things to constantly tell your customers that they are very important to you, that you treasure their business, and that you want to maintain a long term relationship. Promotional products do just that. Whether it's a promotional magnet, daily planner, free pen or other tradeshow giveaway, it will be received with a smile of gratitude, and each time they are used, they strengthen the bonds of loyalty between you and your customer. They are the closest thing to customer loyalty - insurance you can buy.

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 Thank Customers For Their Business

Everyone likes to be appreciated and recognized and your customers are no different. By giving them a small gift such as a promotional mug or daily planner at the time they make a purchase or receive an invoice, you are saying, "The you for your patronage, you are important to us." Someone once said, the difference between an ordinary relationship and an extraordinary relationship is that little bit extra that you do that others don't. The more your customers like you, the harder it will be for competitors to steal them away from you.

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 Reward Customers for Early Orders

The second most powerful word is FREE. (Can you guess the first?) Everyone likes to get something extra. By offering a free gift with purchases, it motivates those people who would normally be undecided to take action. Time and time again studies show that when you give something extra for free, you get more attention and ACTION than you would have without the extra incentive. It works! (PS - the most powerful word is YES!)

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 Reactivate Old Customers

Customer attrition is an unfortunate part of the business experience. Most businesses are constantly trying to attract new customers to replace those they have lost. Studies show that the most profitable businesses are those who are good at both attracting new customers and retaining their old ones. Promotional products are used most effectively to bring old customers back into the fold. A simple letter with a personalized pen will attract attention to your correspondence and inform your inactive customers that they are still very important to you. Customer reactivation is many times easier than attracting new business, yet most businesses don't take advantage of this. By sending inactive customers a business promotional item you are reminding them that you care.

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 Introduce New Products or Services

The most brilliant sales message isn't worth a darn if it doesn't get read. Advertising promotional items are an excellent way of attracting attention and getting a much higher level of readership. What's more, long after the initial message is delivered, a useful promotional item will reinforce that message very time it is used. You have to think of imprinted pens, promotional t shirts and promotional mugs as a way of buying advertising space on your customer's pocket, desk or person. There is no way you could normally buy that space, but when you give these gifts you get it for free.

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 Corporate Identity Programs and Image Awareness Builder

As business gets more and more competitive, the battle for peoples' minds intensifies. Perceptions are formed over time and marketing campaigns that aim at establishing some form of dominance over competition. Promotional Products play a critical role in this battle. As people use promotional goods and items imprinted with a company's logo and slogan, it etches their message deeper and deeper into the user's subconscious, all the time re-asserting the company's identify and building the awareness of their image. When done effectively, over time, the company can build a strong and loyal following of customers who won't settle for any other products or service. Custom promotional products are one of the least expensive means of building awareness.

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 Announce New Store Openings

One of the key elements in making a success of a new store opening is attracting attention and getting customers in the door. Studies show that once a person has broken the inertia and visited a store the first time, the likelihood that they return is several hundred times higher than a person who has not had that experience. There are many reasons for this, including peoples' fear of the unknown. One very successful method of attracting people into a new store is to canvas the area with flyers or direct mail that offer a free gift just for visiting.

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 Attract Visitors to Your Website

Internet fever is spreading like an epidemic and for good reason. More and more businesses are recognizing the power of providing information and generating business at the speed of light. The biggest challenge to successful Internet marketing is attracting viewership. Like every other form of advertising nothing happens until you get your audience's attention. Promotional products are a great way to do that. Put your website address on a pen and give it to your targeted audiences and you will achieve the absolute low cost solution to website viewership. Here's why: there is no wasted cost. Every penny you spend on promotional products hits the mark because you control and target the distribution. Then every time the pen or other promotional product is used, your Web address will be displayed and remind them to look you up. It is the perfect low cost solution.

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 Reinforce Marketing Campaigns

The marketing community has long recognized the benefits of a multi-media approach to selling. That is why all big companies utilize a combination of Radio, TV, display and promotional products. Each medium has it's own particular strengths. The promotional products industry is the fastest growing of the four. Unlike the other media, you can control who gets your message so there is no wasted circulation. You can target your audience with pinpoint accuracy. Also unlike Radio and TV where the audience treats advertisements as an interruption and an intrusion (just look at how the remote control gets its heaviest use during commercials), promotional products are accepted with gratitude and appreciated. They get used over and over again so your cost per exposure is extremely low, but the impact very powerful.

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It's always easier to ask a contributor for money when you can hand them something tangible as a way of saying Thank You for their support. Promotional products not only give people something to buy but they also reinforce the person's position as a sponsor. As Promotional products are used they remind their contributor of the gift they've made and strengthen their sense of identity with the charity, making it easier to obtain their support in the future.

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 Employee Incentives, Awards, and Motivation

Retaining a loyal work force is of paramount importance to the long-term success of any business. Promotional products have proven to be a valuable tool to keep employees motivated and build a team environment While it is true that people enjoy receiving a gift with a high-perceived value, they also greatly appreciate the recognition of doing something that requires extra effort and commitment. Typical recognition gifts include promotional clothing, daily planners, key rings, imprinted pens and promotional mugs. Whether you want to encourage on time attendance, a quality program or a safety program, the possibilities are endless when you use promotional products.

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 Celebrate Employee Functions Such As Picnics and Anniversaries

Companies spend a lot on morale building functions like picnics and holiday parties. Invariably employees and their families enjoy these functions, which adds to the richness of the work experience and shares each person's business life with their family. Smart organizations leverage the power of these functions by handing out welcome bags, which contain custom imprinted promotional products with their logo. Every member of the family appreciates items, which are given away at these functions. Then each time they are used they remind the family member of the fun they had and the generosity of the company. Just by adding a few dollars more to the budget for these functions, you can create a memorable event that is recreated each time the product is used.

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