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While a familiar marketing tool, refrigerator magnets are still as powerful as ever. Unlike paper media, magnets tend to stay with customers for years. With the addition of new technologies like mobile phones and tablet PCs, you can offer a modern twist on an old classic. Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination:

Business Card Magnets - The simplest solution, you can reprint your current business card on a refrigerator magnet. When you think of the cost of printing paper cards that end up in trashcans, then you realize the advantage of having the same information posted to refrigerators and other metal surfaces. People keep them.

Shapes - The point of choosing different shapes is to make your magnet stand out on a crowded refrigerator door. Choose from a wide assortment of different shapes and colors. We carry stars, houses, hearts, telephones and more.

Magnets with Clips - Another popular variation, magnets with clips are handy for pinning paper without it falling as the refrigerator door swings open and closed.

Automotive Magnets - This is another popular magnetic item for advertising on automobiles. Automotive magnets adhere to the side of car doors. Unlike painted ads, they don't require a heavy commitment. The magnet is easily removed. These are popular with employees who use their automobiles on the job.

QR Codes - If your business uses QR codes, then include them on a refrigerator magnet. Much like a bar code, your customers scan these images with their mobile phones. They're instantly taken to your website. Likewise, scanning the QR code can dial your phone number automatically. Many local restaurants use these to advertise daily specials. Update the old-fashioned refrigerator magnet with this modern twist.

Text Message Marketing - Another modern marketing tool intertwined with mobile phones, the use of automated text messages has been growing in popularity. Consider adding your text codes to refrigerator magnets.

We stand behind all our promotional magnets with a quality guarantee, and we offer the lowest prices for ordering direct from us. Browse our products above to preview a sample of your logo or text.