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Hang Your Advertising on Promotional Magnets

While advertising has gone more high-tech, there are mainstays you can’t leave by the wayside. Advertising magnets are one of those mainstays thanks to their sheer staying power. Your message will get seen on refrigerators and filing cabinets for months to come when you pass out bulk custom magnets.

Up-to-Date Magnetic Business Card Calendars

Business cards have been around forever and for good reason—they’re an easy way for people to remember your contact info. But, sometimes they get lost in the shuffle. Your info won’t with the help of magnetic business card calendars. Plus, they’ll be looking at it constantly to check what day it is!

Jumbo Calendar Magnets put your business info front and center and are large enough to capture attention.

The Deluxe No. 10 Envelope Sized Calendar Magnet is awesome for mail campaigns as it fits perfectly in an envelope.

If you’re looking for more personalized business card advertising magnets, go for the Business Card Magnet. Just upload your business card and we’ll handle the rest!

Pizza, Stars, Apples, Oh My: Custom Shaped Magnets

Grabbing attention is one of the keys to advertising your business, and the unique shape of these business magnets for refrigerators do just that.

  • Apple Shaped Magnet: they’ll take a bite out of your branding with this full color magnet.
  • Heart Shaped Magnet: perfect for doctors, Valentine’s Day, and anyone who just straight up loves their customers.
  • Star Shaped Magnet: let your customers know that they are stars and you provide five-star service.
  • Telephone Shaped Magnet: how can they ignore a telephone shaped magnet? You’ll be the first they call when they need your services.
  • Pizza Magnet: who doesn’t love pizza and who won’t remember your pizza shop with these yummy personalized magnets.
  • #1 Shaped Magnet: you’re #1, they’re #1, it’s a win-win with this custom shaped magnet!

Auto Advertising Magnets Drive Up Your Impressions

One of the easiest advertising hacks is to put a promotional business card magnet on your car. Whether it’s on your delivery truck or personal car, it gets the word out without you having to do any legwork!

The Car & Truck Door Sign Magnetic Decals promotes your business in full color and is full bleed, meaning your imprint covers the entire size of the magnet.

Whether you choose auto, shaped, or business card custom magnets bulk, we’re here to make sure they look perfect.