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    Shop Promotional Rulers in Wood, Metal & Plastic

    When you want to make sure that your next marketing campaign measures up, promotional rulers are the ideal choice. Choose from an extensive array of options that are perfect for clients and recipients of every demographic.

    The key to making the most of your next customer giveaway or event is to find a promotional product that is useful. Personalized rulers are a great choice because they not only have practical applications but are also small. Easy to keep in the kitchen, desk drawer or even in the car, these convenient items will provide your recipients with the measuring tool they need while at the same time beautifully showcasing your logo.

    The wide selection of imprinted rulers available makes it easy for you to choose an option that will ideally suit your needs and budget. Natural-finish rulers are not only budget-friendly but are appealing to a wide array of target audiences. When you want to appeal to environmentally conscious clients, an eco-friendly desk set could be just the right option. Fold-up rulers take up little space and can be easily stored anywhere. Increase the convenience of your giveaway by choosing a handy ruler that also features a magnifying glass. No matter which option you choose, you can be assured of the highest quality.

    Along with being convenient and useful, these customized rulers are also quite versatile and can be handed out at a variety of different events and venues. The small size of these rulers even makes them easy for you to distribute them by mail as part of your next advertising campaign. Send out one with invoices or statements to provide a customer gift that your clients are certain to appreciate. Hand them out at corporate events or trade shows to market your business. Designed to showcase your logo in beautiful detail, these promotional rulers are the perfect choice to help you grow your business.