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Customized Stress Balls with Logo & Stress Relievers

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Just like everyone else, your clients, vendors and customers lead busy, stressful lives. With these custom stress relief balls, you can give them a promotional gift that they're sure to cherish for months to come. Some of the goodwill that you earn with these handy items might even translate into increased sales for your business.

These personalized stress relief products are built to last. In fact, they're designed to the same standards of quality as the top-shelf products that you'd find in a luxury store. Made from tough polyurethane, they're expertly crafted by hand and stitched together with the utmost care. Since they're intended to be squeezed vigorously, their durable material is thick enough to prevent unwanted tearing or flattening. Your clients will be able to use their customized stress relief balls for weeks or months on end.

Quality construction doesn't translate to higher prices. In fact, these customized stress relief balls offer an incredible value that won't eat through your company's promotional budget. For less than $1.85 per unit, you can place an order of 2,600 adorable "smiley" balls that are sure to bring a smile to your customers' faces. If you're really after a bargain, opt for globe-style balls that cost less than $1.20 apiece. Despite their superior quality, these stress relief products cost far less than they would in a retail store.

These affordable, practical stress relief squeeze toys fit nicely into virtually any marketing plan or promotional activity. After placing a large order, take your personalized stress relief balls to your next trade show or distribute them to your favorite vendors and customers at an upcoming corporate event. If you want to take your gratitude directly to the source, use them as giveaways at the next customer appreciation event in your store or restaurant.

Before you order a batch of promotional stress relief products for your business, take the time to customize it. For starters, you can choose from over 500 stock colors and over two dozen cute designs. More importantly, you can imprint your company's logo or slogan onto the surface of your stress relievers. Your customers are sure to remember an eye-catching custom stress reliever that boasts your firm's logo and contact information.

Place your personalized stress relief order today. You'll do your future customers a big favor and give your firm the visibility that it needs to succeed.