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    • Customized ID Holder

      ID Holder

      As low as $1.31 each!

    • Customized Mini Selfie Stick with Lanyard

      Mini Selfie Stick with Lanyard

      As low as $2.28 each!

    • Customized Lanyard USB Drive - 2GB

      Lanyard USB Drive - 2GB

      As low as $6.29 each!

    • Customized Super Value Lanyard

      Super Value Lanyard

      As low as $1.24 each!

    • Customized Nylon Web Lanyard

      Nylon Web Lanyard

      As low as $1.69 each!

    • Customized Badge Holder Neck Wallet

      Badge Holder Neck Wallet

      As low as $1.76 each!

    When you want to market a new product or service or you simply want to gain name recognition for your business, it is important to choose an effective promotional product. Not only should the product be highly visible, but it should also be useful. It should also contain the ability to be personalized.

    Customized lanyards and badge holders are the ideal choice for your next conference or tradeshow promotion. Not only can these items increase brand awareness, but they can also drive targeted traffic to your tradeshow booth. When attendees sport your personalized lanyards and badge holders during the conference or tradeshow, everyone in attendance will continually be exposed to your business name and logo.

    One of the great benefits of custom badge holders and lanyards is that they are used by practically all companies and industries. Their widespread use throughout conventions, tradeshows and other events make them the ideal choice for your next marketing campaign. With the ability to choose colors to complement your company¿s logo, it is easy to customize these products to meet your precise needs.

    Moreover, you can choose from a variety of different styles to suit your specific goals and budget. Options range from cost-effective cotton lanyards to deluxe retractable name badges. Each option is constructed of the highest quality materials, ensuring their durability. You will be proud to hand out these quality items at your next event.

    While these items are an obvious choice for your next corporate event or tradeshow, there are also many other ways in which they can be used. Hand them out to associates to show your appreciation. You might also consider giving them to employees who are required to wear name badges as a way of building loyalty and engendering a sense of teamwork.

    With such low prices and the ability to easily customize these promotional lanyards and badge holders, these items are the perfect choices for your next marketing event.