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    Your Guide To Crushing Your Business Goals

    Small business promotional items ranked #1 most effective form of advertising to prompt action across all generations—even millennials!1

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    Business promotional items like indoor and outdoor banners are known to grab people’s attention and get them into your store.

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    Setting goals is always important for businesses, but especially for small businesses. Why? Well, it helps you (and any employees you may have) remain focused throughout the year. Many small business owners are wearing a lot, if not all, the hats, and it’s easy to lose site of the main goals if you don’t set and check in on those goals throughout the year. Here’s a look at the top three goals small businesses set, along with business promotional items to help achieve them.

    Cost-Effective Business Promotional Items

    When you’re getting a business off the ground, there are small business promotional items that make getting your name out there easy without breaking the bank. After all, business promotional items are the #1 most effective form of advertising across all generations, according to PPAI. A bag with your logo or company name is one of our favorite products because it gets seen everywhere it travels—the grocery store, gym, library…think of all the free advertising!

    Small Business Promotional Items for Traffic

    Maybe it’s your goal to get more customers into your store this year, and you guessed it, business promotional items can help. A well-designed and eye-catching banner can do wonders. Think outside of the box with these, too—don’t just put them directly in front of your business; create a trail of them leading to your store on the most-trafficked street.

    Marketing Giveaways for Small Businesses at Trade Shows

    If it’s your goal to attend a trade show or conference, you’re on the right track to gaining incredible brand exposure! Your trade show booth fee will be worth it, especially if you bring along business promotional items. Deck out your booth with custom banners, signs, and table covers to really stand out in the crowd.

    *Data from the Promotional Products Association International 2018 Consumer Study.