COVID-19 Health and Safety Products

From face masks to hand sanitisers, these health and wellness products show you care.

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Your Resource for COVID-19 Health and Safety Products

Now’s the time to show you care for the safety of your team and customers. Little gestures can go a long way, like providing protective measures. Custom hand sanitisers, protective face masks, and antibacterial pens are a few ways to do so.

We have a wide selection of these popular COVID-19 products in bulk so you can protect all the people in your life.

Protective Face Masks

Reusable face masks are a welcomed gift, especially when they’re required when going out into public. We offer a variety of protective face masks from those that can be reused to face shields for full coverage.

  • Custom Non-Surgical Face Mask: made of 100% polyester that’s certified for prolonged contact with skin. These custom face masks are also washable!
  • Face Shield: for coverage from the forehead to the neck, choose these face shields. The adjustable elastic head strap and cushioned foam offer hours of comfort.

You can always choose disposable surgical face masks for visitors from outside your business. By handing out disposable surgical face masks to your business visitors, you are ensuring your employee's safety at work.

Antibacterial Pens

Antibacterial pens are a unique way to limit the risk of harmful bacteria. They also kill 99% of germs! A great giveaway to keep on hand at your front desk.

Personalised Hand Sanitisers & Antibacterial Wipes

Another top priority right now is stopping the spread of germs with hand sanitiser. Whether you choose wipes, spray, or gel, custom hand sanitisers are sure to be used again and again.

We hope these health and wellness items get you started on providing a safe and healthy environment for your team and customers.