Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

National Pen has always had a strong sense of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). National Pen recognises the value of CSR and we are committed to encouraging the development of CSR initiatives across the business. The purpose of this document is to set out National Pens Policy in respect of Corporate Social Responsibility. This Policy has been drafted in line with the core pillars in Ireland’s National Plan on Corporate Social Responsibility 2014-2016.


  • National Pen management and employees strive to work in a responsible and ethical way, to lead by example and to continuously improve our activities and processes. National Pen recognises our responsibility for the social impact we have on customers, suppliers, employees and local communities, and our corporate social responsibility programme is integral to what we do. National Pen aims to inspire and facilitate our people to contribute positively to our society and create a sustainable business future.

Workplace Employee Focus

  • National Pen’s employees drive its continued success. National Pen strives to be a good employer, offering transparent terms and conditions and fair compensation and benefits. Some examples of our workplace initiatives include:


  • National Pen is committed to energy efficiency, minimising waste, reducing water consumption, encouraging greener modes of transport and generally encouraging a culture of sustainability and an awareness of our impact on the environment. Some examples of our initiatives include:

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