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The Benefits of Handwriting vs. Typing

12 hours ago

Thanks to our smartphones and laptops, we’re typing on keyboards more frequently than writing by hand. Typing has become our…

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Best Christmas Gifts of 2021

Wondering which gifts made the nice list this year? We’ve been keeping our eyes on the trends (and checking them…

1 week ago
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What to Write in Christmas Cards for Clients & Employees

Getting ready to order your personalised Christmas cards for clients? Are you personalising Christmas cards for employees this year? Once you've found the…

3 weeks ago
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What is a Stylus? Types of Stylus & Stylus Pens Explained

What Is a Stylus? What’s all the fuss about the stylus? What are styluses? Styli. Stylus pens. In a sentence,…

3 months ago
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Gifts for Hotel Guests – Hotel Room Gift Ideas

The hotel experience does not simply begin and end when guests check into their room. It starts when they start…

3 months ago
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The Inventor Behind the Modern Ballpoint Pen

Who invented the ballpoint pen may not be a question you ask yourself often, as this writing tool is so…

3 months ago
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Rollerball vs Ballpoint Pens: Ink Differences and More

Low viscosity or high? Liquid-based or oil? When it’s all about the ink and explanations are clear as mud, what’s…

3 months ago
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Pen Types – Learn About the Different Types of Pens

With so many different pen types and labels, choosing the right pen is actually a lot harder than it seems.…

4 months ago