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As a small business owner in the fitness industry, you know the importance of keeping your gym members engaged and motivated. One way to achieve this is through branded customised products and promotional giveaways. But with so many options available, you might be wondering what types of promotional fitness products to choose and how to best leverage them. 

The timing is perfect! We know from recent fitness industry research that revenue from gym and health clubs is projected to go from 100 billion in 2024 to 132 billion by 2028!1 With so many people making their health and fitness a priority, branded fitness items are a great way to ensure your fitness business is set up to take full advantage of the upward trend!  

In this blog we’ll answer your questions and provide you with top-notch gym promotional items and giveaway inspiration to take your brand to the next level. 

What Are Branded Fitness Items?

Promotional fitness gear is anything with your health club or gym’s logo or name on it. This could be drinkware, towels, hats, a diary for tracking workouts and health data, and even exercise equipment like a yoga mat!  

Why Invest in Promotional Fitness Gear?

When it comes to your gym or health club, the research makes it clear that customised gifts work. A 2022 PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) study found that 83% of people who receive a promotional product can recall the advertiser, and 53% have a more favourable impression of a brand after receiving a promotional product.2 Giving gym promotional items will help build loyalty to your facility. But equally important, they will help to inspire your customers in their fitness journey. 

There are several compelling reasons to incorporate fitness promotional products into your marketing strategy: 

Boost Brand Awareness: Seeing your logo displayed on merchandise worn by your members in and outside the gym increases brand visibility and recognition within your community. 

Cultivate a Sense of Community: Branded merchandise fosters a sense of belonging and team spirit among your members, creating a stronger community atmosphere within your gym. 

Promote Customer Loyalty: Offering high-quality, practical merchandise incentivises members to represent your gym and can act as a constant reminder of the positive experiences they have with your brand. 

Increase Profit: You can also improve your profit margins by offering branded fitness products for sale at your facility.  

What Are the Benefits of Fitness Promotional Products at Events?

Customising fitness gear for events like trade shows, marathons, boot camps or member appreciation days is a great way to ensure ongoing return on your event investment: 

  • Increased Engagement: Participants who receive branded event gear are more likely to feel involved and invested in the experience.
  • Enhanced Brand Recall: Customised products serve as a lasting reminder of the event and your brand, promoting long-term brand recall.
  • Effective Promotion: Distributing branded fitness swag at events can generate buzz and attract potential new members to your gym or other fitness facility.

Tip: If you’re participating in a fitness-themed expo or convention, shop our trade show collection for swag that attendees can take on an afternoon run, a visit to the hotel gym or use when they’re back at home.  

What Are Current Trends in Gym Promotional Items?

The world of fitness branded merchandise is constantly evolving, with new trends emerging to cater to evolving preferences. Here are a few noteworthy trends to consider: 

  • Sustainable or Recycled Materials: Consumers are increasingly opting for sustainable products. Consider using recycled materials or organic cotton for your merchandise to align with this trend.
  • Bold Colours: Eye-catching colours and full colour imprints can add personality and vibrancy to your promotional fitness gear, making it stand out from the crowd.
  • Tech-Enabled Products: Fitness trackers, wireless earbuds and water bottles with intake trackers can add a tech-savvy twist to your branded fitness items.

What Types of Gym Promotional Items Do You Recommend?

While creativity is always encouraged, some promotional fitness gear staples consistently rank high in popularity. Here are some fitness-themed promotional products you can customise for your next event or campaign: 

  • Water Bottles: A practical and reusable giveaway item, water bottles are perfect for promoting hydration and keeping your brand top of mind throughout the day.
  • Personalised Sports Gym Bags: Functional and stylish gym bags are a great way to encourage members to bring their workout essentials and showcase their gym affiliation with pride.
  • Promotional Clothing: From T-shirts and sleeveless tops to hoodies and joggers, branded clothing is a versatile option that allows members to represent your gym in various settings.
  • Personalised Pens: A seemingly simple item, pens can serve as a cost-effective yet functional giveaway, acting as mini business cards every time they’re used.
  • Branded Towels: Everyone appreciates a towel at the gym, for cleaning off equipment, wiping away perspiration or for showering.
  • Branded Protein Shakers: Encourage healthy pre-workout and post-workout habits with a personalised protein shaker.
  • Customised Earphones: Make it easy for your gym members to listen to music or take in a podcast while they exercise, with promotional earphones.

Tip: For trendy promotional products that are sure to inspire an extra-long run or a workout for the record books, check out the range of contemporary products in our mineral collection

Keep Them Coming Back with Promotional Fitness Gear

Incorporate these top fitness swag ideas and giveaway strategies for measurable impact: 

  • Promote your fitness brand
  • Build a strong community around your gym
  • Keep your members engaged and motivated on their fitness journeys

Here’s to keeping your customers and your business in top shape! 



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