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Promote your business with affordable, high-quality personalised pens in bulk from National Pen. Discover our selection of eye-catching colours and sleek designs to fit your brand perfectly. You’ll soon have customers picking up your custom printed pens displaying your brand time and again.

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Personalised Pens - Promoting your Brand

Take your trade shows and events to the next level with good quality printed pens. With an unlimited expiry date, high number of users and cost-effective marketing potential, the pen is the ideal branded promotional merchandise to boost your bottom line.

Pens are often overlooked as a promotional product. From signing important documents to jotting down your shopping list, the popular writing instrument is used by thousands every day. That’s exactly what makes the pen a perfect tool for boosting your brand awareness. Even if it’s not used right away, it’ll find itself in customers’ drawers, handbags or cars for use at a later date. There’s simply no time limit on the promotional power of a pen.

The power of custom pens

Metal, plastic, stylus, multi ink, gel and so much more. Branded pens come in all shapes and sizes. We’re here to help you find the perfect pen types to suit your brand. From attention-grabbing solid colour ballpoint pens to stylish and sleek laser engraved Paragon pens, we have everything you need and more to transform the way you market your business.

Looking for the ideal way to reward loyal employees and clients? A personalised pen is a perfect way to say thank you. The Jotter Ballpoint Pen combines quality ink, beautiful design and elegant craftmanship. The result is a stunning, highly distinguished customisable pen. Complete with a Parker gift box and ballpoint refill, this is a gift that truly keeps on giving.

Or, for a more affordable option with equal elegance and beauty, treat someone special to a High Class pen set with a gift box. With a twist type ball pen and fountain pen included, you can rest assured your brand name will be visible to plenty of potential customers.

Choose right printed pens for your brand

Bold reds, dainty blues, eye-catching greens and muted neutrals, we have a huge range of personalised business pens in almost every shade. Find the ideal match for your brand today with National Pen. Whether it’s a sleek soft touch Telladega Pen or fun and quirky Backscratcher with Pen, the choice is yours. The only question remains, how many do you need?

Choose an instantly recognisable, luxury brand for a memorable and fashionable impact. We can personalise and customise high-end brands, including Parker, Waterman and Balmain, making great personal gifts for staff and clients. Or, if you’re on a budget, check out our value range pens in bulk for quality products at an affordable price. Don’t miss our National Pen promotional codes page where you can find great discounts for huge savings.

No matter what you’re using your personalised pens for, you can be confident that the quality and price will make for an impressive return on your investment. What better way to reassure clients of your professionalism that by signing contracts with one of your very own custom pens?