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Stylus pens are a modern twist on a cost-effective marketing strategy. Keep your brand on-trend with high quality stylus pens in a range of colours and styles. Tech-savvy customers will see your name, contact details or slogan every time they need to write or use their tablet or smartphone.

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Promotional stylus pens for a modern marketing twist

A promotional merchandise for the digital age. Choose from a range of branded stylus pens. From employees to tech-savvy customers, almost everyone can find a use for these modern pens.

A feel like a real pen with stylus tip, which people can use to operate smartphones, tablets, touchscreen computers and smart watches. They are like a traditional pen, but for touchscreen technology. Stylus pens offer more accuracy for users and don’t leave any oily stains or smudges, which fingers typically do.

Forward-thinking with branded stylus pens

Inks pens have been a stable and effective strategy in many marketeers’ promotional toolbox for years, and for good reason. They are small, light, cost-effective and convenient. For a forward-thinking technological audience, it’s easier than ever to go one step further with a personalised stylus pen.

Perhaps your team uses tablets for surveys in the high street or a smartphone to take orders at a restaurant chain. Add a professional touch with branded stylus pens. Ballpoint pens can be combined with stylus pen too, such as the Mythic Stylus Pen. With double the functionality, people can use your personalised pen to sign a document, then the stylus tip to send an email on their iPhone. This multi-functionality is an extra reason why they should hold onto your corporate gift. Your logo and company information in their pocket – a handy gift they can use at the office or on the go.

Personalised stylus pens to match your corporate identity

When opting for your individual style, there are a range of designs, colours and functions to choose from. Your promotional items should work in harmony with your brand identity and target audience, so it’s important to make the right choice.

For example, if your brand portrays a fun, quirky and unique message, the Soft Touch Motley Stylus Pen & Highlighter is ideal. A novelty and individual choice which will bring about a bright and functional reminder of your company.

If a personalised pen with stylus isn’t quite enough, you can add even more functionality with the Sovereign Laser Stylus Ballpoint Pen. A three-in-one product with your branding. Given the high-quality feel and nature of this stylus pen, it’s a great choice for giveaways at tech events. Treat corporate employees and loyal clients to a luxurious, elegant Alpha Soft Touch pen with Stylus. It's a premium quality blue ink pen with plenty of space for branding, making it a great corporate gift at an affordable price point. For a more affordable, yet equally elegant plastic stylus pen in modern packaging with soft-touch tip, opt for the Stylus Pen in Plastic Tube.

Versatile, hassle-free and cost-effective, logo pens with stylus attachments are the perfect promotional product for event giveaways, executive clients and employees.

Our two for one personalised pens with stylus

Hit a home run with our branded stylus pens, purpose is not limited to just screens but also come with your favourite pen tip for actual writing. Always give your customers a chance to hold on to your brand by choosing our dual-purpose promotional stylus pens. Give us a call and we will help you find your best branded touch screen pens for your next promotion or a giveaway.