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Brand Colours, Blue Edition: The Colour Meaning of Blue in Marketing

Choosing colours for your brand is one of the most important things you’ll do. Your brand colours will have a direct influence on how your business is perceived. They can even influence your customers’ moods when they interact with your business. Some colours can make customers feel more hungry, excited, calm or even angry. Colours can also give unconscious impressions about your business. For example, the colour green is often used to make products seem more eco-friendly. Some colours can even make customers want to spend more money! Today, we’re talking about the colour meaning of blue in business and marketing and what the colour blue represents.

What Does the Colour Blue Mean?

According to the marketing company, Get Hooked, blue carries many positive associations such as reliability, confidence, honesty and reliability. Take a look around and consider where you see blue every day. For example, it’s the colour of police uniforms, where the dark blue offers a sense of authority. Blue can also create a sense of sanitation and calm, making it popular with doctors and other healthcare professionals.

The psychology of blue is more complex than many people realise, with many meanings associated with the colour. Like any colour, blue comes in a range of shades, each of which can be used accordingly. Darker blues are considered more serious, and lighter hues convey cleanliness and simplicity. For example, while both police uniforms and medical scrubs use the colour blue, the shades evoke different feelings. However, both still represent responsibility and dependability. 

The Colour Meaning of Blue in Business

Blue is a versatile colour that comes in many shades, so it can be great for just about any type of business. It’s also one of the most popular colours among both men and women, according to This makes it a safe option for many companies who want to create a simple, uncomplicated brand message. Here are a few industries that can benefit most from blue colour meaning.

  • Because it signifies trust and dependability according to, the colour blue is one of the best choices for businesses in the financial, healthcare and travel sectors.
  • Light or electric blues are often associated with technology or futuristic designs. This makes blue a great choice for tech companies.
  • Because blue evokes feelings of calmness and security, it can also be a smart choice for yoga studios or spas.

Though it has primarily positive associations, the colour blue can also represent sadness. So, if you have a business centred around high-energy activities or products, dark or greyish shades of blue might not be the best brand colours for you. Blue has also been found to be the least appetising colour according to Very Well Mind, so it may not be the best choice for a restaurant logo.

Because blue is such a universally loved colour, it makes an appearance in many brand logos. For example: Facebook, Skype, Volkswagen, Visa, British Airways, NatWest and PayPal.

Our Favourite Blue Promotional Products

Ready to add some blue to your branding? Here are some of our favourite customisable products available that utilise blue colour psychology.

Metal Alpha Soft Touch Pen With Stylus

Did you know that writing in blue ink improves your memory of what you wrote? This blue-ink Alpha Pen offers a built-in stylus for tech-centred companies.

Recycled Plastic Rayna Tote with Pocket

Want customers to feel smart while they shop? Print your logo on a blue bag to offer that sense of confidence and authority behind every purchase.

300 ml Dublin Tone Ceramic Mug

These blue coffee mugs offer simple elegance with a single-colour imprint against a soothing blue ceramic background. Perfect for companies who want to harness the calm authority offered by blue colour meaning and the psychology of blue.

Americano® 350 ml Midnight Insulated Tumbler

This cool midnight colour is a great way to encourage a relaxed coffee drinking experience. This is perfect for companies looking to enhance their staff room atmosphere or help visitors feel at ease.

Swivel USB Laser Engraved – 128 GB

Show off your tech-savvy side with laser engraved USBs covered in blue! You can mix and match a base and trim colour to give a more multi-faceted impression with the power of colour psychology.

Looking for more blue products to give that blue colour meaning to your brand? Have a look at our monochrome collection, where you can find products that are entirely blue!



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