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How to Promote Your Website

If you’re wondering how to promote a website so your target audience is excited about new features and offerings, we have the answers! A lot goes into a new website, including time, resources and risk. But if executed correctly, the payoff can include more customers, larger order values and a stronger brand presence. Knowing the best way to promote your website is key to creating that payoff. Below are some proven tips for how to promote a new website to entice new clicks and bigger conversions.

Promoting Your Website with…Your Website!

Use existing web traffic, which is usually comprised of target prospects and existing customers, to create interest in the new version of your website.

  • Pop-Ups: Deploy pop-up alerts with a countdown to launch of the new site to encourage traffic ‘stickiness’ surrounding the launch.
  • Blog: If you have a blog, devote a post to upcoming enhancements to the website and associated customer benefits. Use bullets and lists to make it easy for readers to quickly understand new features.

How to Promote a New Website Using Emails

Announce your new website to current customers and prospects in a special email blast. Make it fun for your recipients by offering a special promotion attached to browsing. A few tips:

  • Send Out a Teaser Email: Engage your audience in the new launch with a little pre-launch website promotion.
    • ‘Get ready to click! New website reveal coming soon. You’ll love the new look!’
  • Keep It Simple: Focus your email copy and any images exclusively on promoting your website. This ensures maximum impact and engagement.
  • Highlight New Features: Tell them why you upgraded your website and how it helps your customers. Point to new collections and services. Make note of easier navigation or faster checkout.
    • ‘You said you wanted live chat. We listened!’
    • ‘Enjoy our easy-to-navigate appointment calendar.’
  • Include a Promotional Discount: Get everyone in on the new launch with a limited-time offer.
    • ‘Customers like YOU are the inspiration behind our next-level website.’
    • ‘Browse the new site, let us know what you think by replying to this email and enjoy [X%] off on your next purchase.’
    • ‘New website launch offer. Limited time only!’
  • Referrals: A new website is a great time to encourage referrals. Incentivise customers to share the new website with a discount or referral code.
  • Email Signature: Make sure your website is included in your online signature for passive promotion with every email.

How to Promote a Website with a Text Blast (Tip: Keep It Short)

Many businesses communicate with customers via text. Announce your new website via a short text where you include an enticing offer and highlight one great thing about the new website. ‘Our new website is live and faster than ever. Enjoy 10% off when you shop today.’

Best Social Media Approach for Website Promotion

Use social media to post teaser announcements before the official launch. Because social media is free, and your followers may not see every post, have some fun with different angles to promote your website.

  • Video: Use video to show users clicking through easier navigation or new areas.
  • Show New Offerings: Post a screenshot of new collections and services.
  • Show New Features: Highlight new features like blogs, online bookings and new delivery options.
  • Hashtags: When you launch, encourage followers to tag your new website for a chance to win a discount or free service.

How to Promote Your Website in Your Shops

Even if your small business relies mostly on a physical shop or doesn’t sell online at all, your website is a vital channel for attracting new customers. Promote your new website at point of sale with promotional pens, notepads and more. Use direct mail to drive traffic to your website with sticky notes and magnets that highlight your website.

Best Customised Products to Promote Your Website

Get the most benefit from your new website by promoting it with customised merchandise to advertise all over town. Customised giveaways keep your website in mind well beyond the new launch. Choose promotional products that offer the most visible exposure, and enough imprint space to include your website. We like these:

Budget Shopper Tote: Bright tote colours draw attention, and there’s plenty of room for your new website as well.

Morris Two-Toned Tote: A trendy two-tone design, long straps and front pocket ensure your recipients will grab this one first, and your website will get widespread exposure.

Colour Block Raven Pen: The two-tone design grabs attention for your website imprinted on the barrel. The low price point makes this pen a great giveaway for website promotion in direct mail campaigns and at customer service desks.

Mabel Notebook & Pen Set: With your new website featured on both the notebook cover and pen barrel, your updated website gets double the exposure on this modern, sophisticated set.

How to Promote Your Website? Everywhere!

Employ as many of the channels above as you can, and add more where applicable, including newsletters, blog posts, your email signature, online forums and customer review sites.


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