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Effective Marketing Ideas for Hair Salons

Are you struggling to find ways to get your salon the visibility it needs to grow? With the recession slowing, now is a great time to adjust your marketing methods to match the latest industry trends. Whether you’re looking to expand your customer base or just become more prominent in your local community, here are some modern methods for marketing hair salons. 

Offer Specialised Services

Do you know how many hairdressers are able to properly cut and care for curly hair? Not enough! People with textured hair have specific needs that aren’t taught in your basic hairdressing class, so anyone who takes the time to learn these techniques will be far ahead of the competition. You can also make your salon even more competitive with additional services such as nail treatments, eyebrow waxing, laser hair removal and more.  

Cosmetics are another great way to expand your services and your income. In fact, Styleseat conducted a survey and found that whereas nearly 1 in 4 participants said they spend the most on haircuts compared to other beauty expenses, another 1 in 4 said they spent the most on facial care. That means if you offer both facial and hair care in your salon, you’ve covered nearly 50% of the beauty market!  

Get In A Voucher Book

One of the first places most people will turn to to look for great deals on hair care will be voucher books and bundles. To make sure you’re getting that visibility, consider contacting local voucher vendors in your area and giving them exclusive voucher deals for your salon. This will not only make it easier for new customers to find you, but it will also incentivise them to try out your salon next time they need hair care, as opposed to competing salons that aren’t offering any deals. Take a look in your own city’s voucher book for beauty salon advertising examples that you can base your own advertisements on! 

Coordinate With Local Businesses

Small businesses need to stick together, especially within their own community. Contact neighbouring businesses in your area to set up coordinated promotional events, create package deals for customers and mutual promotion to your customers. When you work together, customers will be able to receive referrals to your business from sources they already trust, plus it will create a support system that can help your business thrive during hard times. You can also give beauty salon promotional products to other businesses to give in a gift bundle to their own customers. This will improve your relationship with new customers, because your brand will have been presented to them by a trusted source. 

Use Social Media

What is more Instagram-able than a really great hairdo? Taking selfies with your customers and showing off your amazing work online is a great way to promote your business and get future customers interested in your services. But showing off stylish pics isn’t the only way to promote yourself on social media these days. With the rise of short videos on multiple social media platforms, creating 30-second hair care tutorials or sharing a behind-the-scenes look at your average day in the salon can quickly increase your number of followers and your customers. Follow other major salons on their social media to find beauty salon advertising examples. This will allow you to see what trends well and what doesn’t for your target audience. 

Promoting yourself through affordable venues like social media is an essential way to keep your business competitive with others in your industry. Every year, businesses are spending more and more on marketing. According to Punchey’s blog post on industry statistics, spending on advertising in the beauty industry is growing by 2.2% annually, with $2.2 billion being spent in 2022 in the United States! Thankfully, social media provides a way for you to increase your marketing without increasing your spending. Punchey also encourages this, saying, “78% of salon owners admit that a strong social media presence is the key to attracting high paying clients.” 

Get Into Trade Shows

Struggling to find more salon promo ideas? Local trade shows are a great way to show off your services in a way that is engaging for customers. Set up a booth next time your community hosts a trade show or other event and offer some basic hair styling services from your booth. You can also hand out promotional products, business cards and more to bring customers back to your salon. Participating in these events will give you greater brand visibility in your community and will create opportunities for you to connect with customers who might not normally pass by your salon on the street. 

Share Promotional Products

Promotional products are a great way to share your brand and say thank you to your favourite customers. They can serve a wide variety of functions depending on where you share them. For example, if you offer them within your salon, they can be used to generate additional revenue when you sell them. If you offer them at other locations, such as at a sales booth, it can help direct greater traffic toward your salon. You can also offer them as thank you gifts after salon appointments. This will ensure every appointment ends with a smile. 

Promotional products are a powerful way to improve and personalise your customer experience. In their own research, McKinsey & Company claims that a positive customer experience offers, “20 percent higher customer satisfaction rates, a 10 to 15 percent boost in sales-conversion rates and an increase in employee engagement of 20 to 30 percent.” This means that when you take steps to improve your customer experience, you are empowering your business to grow. 

Promotional Gift Ideas for Hairdressers

Need help finding the right gifts to market your hair salon? These industry-specific gifts can help you make a connection with customers that lasts.  

Ally Foldable Hairbrush with a Mirror: The dentist gives out toothbrushes, so why don’t more hairdressers give out promotional hairbrushes? These foldable brushes are the perfect way to keep your business visible for your customers every time they take care of their hair.  

Round lip balm UV finish UV SOFT: Your salon appointments don’t have to focus only on hair. Salons are a great place to focus on overall health and beauty. These UV finish lip balms and other beauty salon items are a great way to help customers leave feeling refreshed and stylish. Find more promotional lip balm styles on our blog! 

30 ml Hand Cleanser Gel: Help your customers enjoy cleanliness on-the-go with these hand cleanser gels! Perfectly sized for a pocket or handbag, these little gifts work well as beauty salon promotional products. Learn more in our other blog post all about promoting with hand gels and sanitisers

Full Colour Matte Metallic Colourama Pen: Sleek, shiny and full of personality, this pen is everything you could want in a promotional pen for hair salons. Affordably priced and customisable with your full colour custom logo, this pen was made for mass distribution and bold visibility. 

Soft Touch Hughes Gel Pen: Another gorgeous promotional pen, this classic capped-style pen features smooth gel ink for an addictive writing experience. Share these with your favourite return customers both as a token of your appreciation and a way to keep your name visible in their homes. 

Metal Alpha Soft Touch Pen With Stylus: Customers will adore this modern promotional pen, featuring a soft, rubberised finish and a tech-friendly stylus. Popular across industries, the Alpha pen design has a lot to offer in terms of style, function and brand visibility. 

Galina Tote Bag: This gift is especially useful if you offer take-home hair care products for sale at your salon. Sturdy, stylish and convenient, this bag is an effortless way to increase your marketing for hair salons and your customer satisfaction at the same time! 

Large Wave-Patterned Shopping Bag: Another popular tote, this promotional shopping bag is a great way to help customers cut down on single-use plastics while also showing off their favourite hairdresser. Your logo features prominently on the front alongside a trendy wave pattern – perfect for modern salons! 

Towel organic cotton 100 x 50 cm TERRY: These extra-soft cotton towels are a great gift for salon visitors. You can use these to educate customers on how to properly dry their hair after washing, or just as a gift to remind them of their visit. There are many types of promotional towels you can offer customers, so find the one that best fits your salon! 

Didn’t find the perfect gift yet? We have a whole blog post all about the best hair salon and barber shop promotional products! Have a look at our selection here and in our online shop to find the best gifts for your hairdresser business.  


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