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How to Create Effective Point of Sale Marketing

Have you ever stopped by a shop because you saw 50% off in the window display? Or have you ever purchased something from a discount bin? Has a QR code displayed in a shop ever convinced you to sign up for a membership card? If so, then you’ve experienced the power of good point of sale marketing. Now you as a business owner can learn how to do your own point of sale (POS) marketing for your business!

What is Point of Sale Marketing?

Have you ever gone to a shop for one thing and come home with a lot more? This happens when a business is able to use effective point of sale advertising to encourage more sales. Point of sale marketing is any physical or digital marketing that happens in the shop where the sale is happening. This can be anything from a discount displayed next to the price on the shelf to a promotional banner hanging at the shop entrance. The goal of POS marketing is to encourage sales right there in the shop. While it may seem redundant to promote your products when your customers are already there to buy them, point of sale advertising is what pushes customers from casual shopping to active buying. According to, this type of marketing is especially effective toward price-conscious customers who are always looking for a good deal.

What Are Some Common Point of Sale Materials?

Technically, most things used in your shop to make sales more appealing can be counted as point of sale materials. Even the smell of freshly baked goods can be considered marketing for your bakery items. Everything from the music you play to the colour of your walls makes an impression on customers. These, however, are some of the more traditionally known marketing materials that shops will invest in:

  • Promotional displays: When customers look in the window or walk through your shop, promotional displays can help bring them to your pricier products. This is commonly seen with displays of televisions, computers, kitchen appliances and more.
  • Flyer displays: A display full of flyers about your products and services is a great way to pass on a lot of information right when your customers need it the most. For example, you can offer a flyer full of discount vouchers or a list of your latest products in a flyer near your shop entrance.
  • Loyalty cards: Customers love to be rewarded for shopping smart. When you offer loyalty cards, you encourage them to buy now and become return customers later. cites that “71% of consumers say loyalty programmes are a meaningful part of their brand relationships”.
  • QR codes: When customers are waiting in the queue, encourage them to look at sales on your website or for in-store deals with a QR code display.
  • Signage: Guide your customers directly to what they’re looking for with in-store signs. This can include markers detailing what product types are where. It can also direct them to areas where they can look at unique sales or deals.
  • Price markers: Price markers are more than just numbers. The way they are displayed and what point of sale promotions are displayed with them directly influence your customers’ decision to buy your products.
  • Digital signs: Flashing lights and bold, changing graphics are a great way to get your customers’ attention. According to, 80% of brands that use digital signage recorded an increase in sales of up to 33%, with greater influence on impulse buys.
  • Other products: Did you know that you can use products to promote other products? For example, the sale of affordable accessories can encourage customers to buy more expensive products. This can include videogames with a videogame console, or a set of baking accessories to go with a new pots and pans set.

Creative Point of Sale Ideas

Need more ideas beyond the basics? Here are some creative methods to make your point of sale materials more effective.

Get Digital

Flyers and cards are great marketing materials to share with customers, but these can be easily lost or thrown away once customers leave your shop. To help make your marketing last, encourage customers to engage with your brand online so the experience follows them home! One effective way to do this is to create an app that allows customers to view deals, find products in your shop more easily, pay digitally and track their purchases. You can also use online customer portals to offer rewards points. This will encourage customers to buy more and return frequently to build up their reward point totals.

Create Themed Displays

You can do a lot more with displays than just putting products on a shelf. Consider creating themed displays to generate more interest in your sales. For example, what if your clothing mannequins looked like they were playing tennis instead of just standing there? What if your pie display was shaped like a giant pie? What if your drinks cans were laid out in the shape of your logo? Get creative with how you display your products so customers want to stop and take a closer look.

Invest in the Experience

Like we said before, anything can be part of your point of sale marketing. This includes things like the music you play and the smells in your shop. Take time to coordinate these elements to create a full sensory experience that customers will come to your shop for. This is especially important for places that offer services along with products, like restaurants or hotels.

Once your customers have come into your business, there’s always the opportunity to add to their sale before they leave. Don’t let that time with your customer go to waste! Improve your point of sale marketing so every customer leaves happy and with more items than they came for.


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