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Colours for Marketing That Attract Customers to Buy

Are you wondering which colours will encourage your customers to buy from you? When we apply colour psychology to marketing we can choose promotional products in marketing colours that attract sales. Below we highlight what colours attract customers to buy, and why.

Does Colour Help to Convert Customers?

When we talk about making a sale, we are referring to any type of desired action that supports your small business or cause. This could be purchasing a product, contributing to your charity or applying to work for your company. In terms of these actions, does colour matter? Yes!

Blue is calming, red is intensifying. Research confirms1 that colour affects mood and signal responses. And moods and responses lead to action, including purchase decisions. Improve your chances of getting a customer, donation or committed employee by using the best colours for advertising when you choose your promotional giveaways. Consider these three colours for marketing that lead to sales action.

Red: The Colour of Action

Red is the colour for marketing that inspires immediate attention and a sense of urgency. Red in your giveaway gets your customers’ attention and helps motivate action driven by intensity or urgency.

Red Says Pay Attention

You will see an intense red used in logos of companies whose brands are based on action and alertness, such as news organisations, hospitals, emergency response services and energising drinks. Use bright red for your giveaway if your brand is adrenaline-driven, whether you’re involved in something serious like emergency response, or something a little more light-hearted. Check out:

Budget Shopper Tote (Red): Price is low and visibility is high on this bright red shopper tote.

780 ml RPET Bottle with Stainless Steel Cap (Transparent Red): Made of recycled plastic that grabs attention in transparent red, this water bottle is meant to be noticed.

A Little Red Goes a Long Way

In less intense settings, red is best used in moderation. Too much red is akin to typing in all caps or using exclamation marks at the end of every sentence. If you want the rich impact without the ‘emergency’ angle, opt for a darker red. Consider these examples:

330 ml Jetta Copper-Vacuum-Insulated Tumbler (Red): A deep red colour and high-quality construction create lasting branding impact while your customer works, travels and runs errands around town.

Metal Paragon Pen (Burgundy): Choose the burgundy barrel for a sophisticated background for your ad message.

Blue: The Colour of Credibility

Blue connotes calm, and sometimes cold. If your brand is centred around being trustworthy, conservative or traditional, consider blue.

  • Calm Amidst Chaos: Note that companies that use blue in their branding are often looking to position themselves as steadfast and solid in industries that can provoke anxiety (think legal and medical!). Credit card companies, health insurance companies and airlines use blue. It can be accented with yellow to establish trust with a lighter side.
  • Trust: Blue in your giveaway helps establish credibility among your target audience. Blue encourages action based upon confidence and trust.

If this sounds like you, consider the colour blue as your best colour for advertising to attract and convert customers. Check out these ideas:

Metal Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Stylus (Blue): The appealing blue barrel on this metal ballpoint pen looks appealing and professional as it promotes your brand.

500 ml Vasa Vacuum-Insulated Water Bottle: The elegant blue outside with ice cold water inside make for trustworthy branding and daily hydration.

Green: The Colour of Healing

Green reminds us of spring, renewal, growth and rebirth.

  • Sustainability: It is often attached to products or companies that value responsible sourcing and sustainable products. The colour green reminds the viewer of natural or outdoor feelings and activities.
  • Spring and Renewal: Perhaps you are introducing a new business that promotes personal growth or spiritual renewal. A little green in your giveaway signals to customers that you have a growth-oriented, natural side to your business and associates the purchase of your product or service with progress.
  • Healing: If your brand is about healthy food, fitness or healing, green helps sends the message.

Strengthen your branding and move your customer closer to a sale by choosing a promotional product in green. Consider:

Translucent Cabaret Curvy Pen (Green): Add a little extra energy to your branding with this translucent green pen with curvy barrel design.

Classic Office Notebook (Green): Choose the green cover with a colour-matched ribbon bookmark and elastic closure, with your name in contrasting white.

Non-Woven Drawstring Bag (Forest Green): For a natural vibe and your name being seen on every walk, customise this drawstring bag for your next trade show or outdoor event.

Which Colours Attract Customers to Buy?

The answer is that it depends on the customer, and the company. When it comes to colours for marketing that make people want to spend money, consider what your brand stands for and what motivates your customer. It could be a limited-time sale (red), a trustworthy transaction (blue) or a values-driven product or service (green). Choose a colour that accentuates who you are and what you offer. A few more examples:

  • Blue: If you’re a life insurance company offering peace of mind, try a blue background.
  • Green: If you’re a vegan restaurant offering restorative food, consider a little green.
  • Red: If you’re a security company offering home protection, use a spot of red.

Apply colour psychology to marketing to increase your return on investment with every customised promotional product. Here’s to strong sales (and blue skies) ahead!

For more on colours for marketing, check out our blog Promotional Merchandise & What Colours Mean in Marketing.




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