Promotional Merchandise & What Colours Mean in Marketing

There is an important connection between your promotional products and colour psychology in marketing. A bright colour can create a playful response. A neutral or dark colour can make a professional impression. 

Promotional products are designed to attract your recipient and focus their attention on your small business brand. When you choose the perfect eye-catching colour for marketing your company, your customers will remember your name longer.  

When choosing a product colour for your promotional merchandise, it helps to know how various colours will make your customer feel about your company. Read on to find out more about colour psychology in marketing. You will get an understanding of the best product colour for your brand and can then create a logo in one colour or a full colour logo imprint to add to your promotional products. 

What Colours Should I Pick for My Promotional Products? 

Create an emotional link between your customer and your company by selecting the right choice within our colour collection. 

Red Says Confidence 

Red is a bold choice and is associated with immediate attention and powerful feelings. Red can range from lighter, pink-tinged shades, to darker, sophisticated variants. Darker reds tend to evoke feelings of elegance, while lighter shades can be fun and engaging. Mid-hue reds tend to demand attention and evoke feelings of urgency. Note that red can also induce feelings of anger, uneasiness and stress. 

Bright Metal Soft Touch Paragon Pen 

Blue Says Calm 

Blue is a calming colour and can be used in promotional merchandise that represents tranquility, peace and harmony. Blue colours evoke an opposite reaction to reds and are useful for the marketer who wants to convey a sense of trust and thoughtfulness. 

Green Says Fresh 

Green is a terrific colour for a company that wants to be associated with fresh ideas, good energy and an eco-friendly approach to business. Green is fresh and rejuvenating. Shades that are very dark, like hunter green, can come across as studious and old-fashioned, but just about any shade of green elicits a positive response from clients. 

Yellow Says Smile 

Yellow is a fun and uplifting colour that brings a smile to customers and prospects. Yellow is associated with sunshine, spring, summer and outdoor activities. Yellow is a colour often associated with happiness. Although yellow is an eye-catching colour for marketing, bright yellow should be avoided when sharing a serious or sad message. 

Black Says Sophisticated 

Colour psychology in marketing tells us that black creates a formal, regal and professional impression. When you combine a black promotional product or logo with a silver or gold trim, you can deliver a powerful statement of elegance and achievement. However, if overused in your advertising, the colour black can feel depressing or dangerous.  

Combine Colours for Maximum Impact 

When you combine colours, you can create an exciting impression of your brand.  

  • A bright rainbow pattern gives a playful, inclusive impression. 

Rainbow Drawstring Bag 

Rainbow Metal Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Stylus 

  • Choose mineral colours for trendy, elegant impact. 

Mineral Metal Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Stylus 

Translucent shades are modern and eye-catching.   

Translucent Squiggle Pen 

  • Metallic colours give your promotional product a sleek and forward-looking feeling. 

Leakproof Water Bottle with Metallic Lid 

  • A matte metallic colour treatment gives your promotional product a subtle yet modern feel. 

400 ml. Matt Oregon Sport Bottle with Carabiner 

Full Colour Matte Metallic Colourama Pen with Frosted Grip 

Match the Colour of Your Promotional Merchandise to Your Company Style 

Use the guidelines above about what colours mean in marketing to choose the ideal colour for your promotional pen, custom drinkware, printed tote or other promotional product.   

  • Explore combinations of colours that represent your brand and values.  
  • Use our filter function to see products in your favourite colour.  
  • Add your logo in one colour or full colour.  

Have fun expressing your company spirit with colour that maximises the effects of your marketing.  


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