Why Shop Promotional Products with National Pen?

Promoting your small business with customised merchandise is a smart way to show customers you care. Your personalised tumbler, shopping tote or other logo gift will also help new and existing customers remember your business. An additional benefit of promotional merchandise is that it allows you to advertise your brand among all the people your gift recipients encounter.  

With all these potential advantages for your business, it is important to pick the right promotional products company. By choosing the right company, you ensure you distribute quality products that advance your branding and increase your sales. 

What Makes Promotional Products So Important?  

Here are just a few examples of the power of promotional products: 

  • Your business, school or charity name on a custom shopper tote gets seen everywhere your customers shop. 
  • Your messaging on a customised pen is seen each time your customer writes, and by everyone who borrows the pen.  
  • Your personalised mug or travel tumbler can get seen in meetings, break rooms and cars and at outdoor events.
  • A quality pen set or stylish travel bag given to guests at a special event ensures positive associations and fond memories for years to come.  

What Should I Look for In a Promotional Products Company? 

When looking to imprint your logo or other branding on a promotional item such as a tote bag, tumbler or pen set, there are several things to look for to streamline your experience and deliver measurable results: 

  • Ease of Use: Whether you prefer an online ordering experience or a phone call with a dedicated customer service agent, it should be easy for you to find the products you are looking for and to customise them exactly as you would like.  
  • Proven Products: Your promotional products company should reduce risk and uncertainty from your shopping experience by offering only good-quality products that are proven winners within the promotional merchandise space. 
  • Customer Service: Investing in promotional merchandise is a powerful marketing tactic and it is important that all your questions are answered prior to completing your purchase. Your promotional products company should offer clear and thorough descriptions of each product, including materials, imprint size, colour options and special features. You should have access to a dedicated customer service person to help with any other questions about the product or creative process.    
  • Creative Services: Look for a promotional products company that offers multiple ways for you to customise your merchandise. This should include logo, text and other design options.  
  • Quality Guarantee: Most likely you are buying promotional merchandise in support of a special event or marketing campaign. Timing is important and if your order is wrong, your special event can be compromised or your campaign timing can be delayed. If there is a problem with your products, making things right should be fast and easy.  

What Makes National Pen the Company Small Businesses Count On? 

National Pen has over 50 years of experience. Our longevity is due to learning, growing and adapting to the latest in customer requirements, online advances and creative capabilities. Here are just a few of the reasons our customers stay with us for years: 

  • Shop Your Way: At National Pen, you can count on an easy online shopping experience including search, filters and sort functionality. You can narrow the products you see based upon specific criteria, like for example recycled tote bag material, laser-engraving imprint method or double-walled tumblers. If you’re uncertain about a product or how to best personalise it, you can call our dedicated customer service team for one-to-one help.  
  • Product Selection: We only offer products that our merchandising experts have vetted for quality, affordability and their ability to deliver visibility for your brand. For instance: 
    • At National Pen we will offer you affordable pens but never poor-quality pens.  
    • We will offer you the latest trends in tote bag materials including jute, bamboo and recycled plastic, while ensuring good old-fashioned quality with reliable stitching and sturdy straps. 
  • Customer Service Catered to Small Business: At National Pen, we pride ourselves on offering prompt, thorough customer service that addresses any and all questions you have and provides the support you need. Our team will help you in areas such as: 
    • How to select the best product for your budget and event. 
    • How to make your logo stand out. 
    • When to expect your order. 
    • Resolving any issues that arise. 
  • Creativity to Meet Small Business Needs: National Pen knows that many small businesses prefer a clean text imprint rather than a logo. We also know that you may want help developing a logo for your promotional merchandise. We can help with these and other options including the following: 
    • Online preview of your text or logo on the product before you buy 
    • Full colour logo design 
    • Free access to a library of background design templates for specific dates, industries and occasions 
  • Quality Guarantee You Can Count On: Mistakes happen and our customer satisfaction guarantee is based in part on how we respond when an error occurs. If your promotional product arrives damaged or your imprint is incorrect, we will work with you to find a solution quickly. 
  • Payment Options that Work for Small Business: National Pen offers a unique ‘buy now, pay later’ option so you don’t have to pay all at once. This is especially convenient for larger orders and seasonal businesses.   
  • Small Minimum Order Quantities: We cater to customers who may need promotional merchandise for a smaller event or specific occasion. Perhaps you are celebrating a milestone at work or are engaged in a targeted fundraiser. We offer minimum order quantities on our merchandise, from stylus pens to backpacks to travel mugs, that allow you to order just what you need without holding extra inventory.   
  • In-House Products Mean Better Prices, Superior Quality: Because we own our own design and manufacturing resources, we can offer you the latest trends and best-quality promotional merchandise at exclusive prices. 

How Can I Begin Working with National Pen?  

Getting started with us is easy!  

  • Browse our website for products that suit your target audience and your event. Drinkware is great for visibility at work and school. Tote bags are great for shopping and trade shows. Pens and other writing instruments are perfect for direct mail and customer service counters.  
  • Filter results based upon imprint methods, price range and more. 
  • Experiment with different text colours and messaging to find the words and size that work best. 
    • Maximise visibility for text-only imprints by limiting your words and using block (capital) letters.  
    • Choose an imprint colour that contrasts with your product colour, like black on yellow, or red on white.  
  • Choose a larger quantity to decrease your cost per piece.  
  • Plan to order seasonally to keep your promotional merchandise trendy and your customers looking for more!  

Welcome to the wonderful world of promotional merchandise. We look forward to growing with you! 


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