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Which Type of Branded Water Bottle Is Best for Marketing?

If you want to spend your promotional budget on a giveaway that works, look to custom water bottles of all types. Branded glass water bottles are natural and stylish. Custom stainless steel water bottles keep beverages cold and won’t break. Branded plastic water bottles are great for charity events, sports and kids’ activities. Choose a branded aluminium water bottle for a low-priced, lightweight option. Find answers to all your questions about custom water bottles for sports, hiking, camping and promoting your small business.

Why Have Reusable Water Bottles Become So Popular?

All of us need water, and there are many good reasons why custom water bottles as gifts are a smart way to advertise your small business:

  • Hydration Any Time: We all know how important water is for good health, and many people prefer to have filtered water on hand at their desk or while travelling. 
  • Style Accessory:  Branded glass water bottles or quality custom stainless steel water bottles come in contemporary styles and colours. Your recipients will feel trendy carrying your gift around while staying hydrated all day long.
  • Active Lifestyles: Most of us are involved in physical exercise on a regular basis. A branded plastic water bottle or custom stainless steel water bottle is a necessary part of any sport or exercise plan.
  • Highly Visible: A low-cost branded aluminium water bottle or a high-quality branded glass water bottle will appeal to your recipients and get carried wherever they go. Your small business is advertised in your customers’ hands, at their desks and while they travel.

What Are Different Types of Water Bottles Made From?

The most common materials for branded water bottles are glass, plastic, aluminium and stainless steel. Pick the material that works best based upon how it will be used by your customers. For instance, if you are hosting a beach party or boat trip, you would not want a branded glass water bottle. If you are sponsoring a sports team, branded plastic water bottles are a great choice. Some water bottles include eco-friendly elements such as bamboo:

Double-wall flask 480 ml

How Can I Choose the Best Type of Water Bottle for My Company?

Choosing your branded water bottles in glass, plastic, aluminium or stainless steel is easy! Read on for the pros and cons of each:

Branded Aluminium Water Bottles

400 ml Oregon Water Bottle with Carabiner Full Colour Print


  • Price: An aluminium water bottle is less expensive than a custom stainless steel water bottle.
  • Weight: Aluminium is lightweight, making it great for sports and walking
  • Style: Aluminium water bottles are sleek and give your brand a modern, active look.


  • Temperature: An aluminium water bottle will not keep the contents cold for as long as a custom stainless steel water bottle will.  
  • Durability: Although your branded aluminium water bottle will not break, it is more likely to dent than a custom stainless steel water bottle or a branded plastic water bottle.

Great for:

  • Employees, students and trade shows.

Branded Plastic Water Bottles

650 ml. Sky Water Bottle with Handle


  • Safety: Most plastic water bottles are BPA-free and shatterproof. This makes them great for sports and outdoor events.
  • Price: Plastic water bottles are lower cost. This makes them affordable giveaways for a larger audience, like at a trade show for instance.


  • Colour Transfer: Some types of branded plastic water bottle can retain beverage odours or colours. To avoid this, look for custom Tritan plastic water bottles.
  • Temperature: A custom stainless steel water bottle is better than a branded plastic water bottle for keeping beverages cold.

Great for:

  • Sports, gift with purchase and outdoor events.

Custom Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Full Colour 510 ml. Vacuum-Insulated Arsenal Bottle


  • Quality: Stainless steel will give your small business a quality look and feel. For a water bottle your customers will use daily and for years to come, choose a stainless steel water bottle and you’ll be sure to impress.
  • Insulation: Some custom stainless steel water bottles feature double-walled insulation that keeps beverages cold for hours. If your custom water bottle will be used in hot weather or during active sports, stainless steel is a great choice.


  • Price: Custom stainless steel water bottles can be more expensive than plastic or aluminium. You may want to consider stainless steel water bottles for special events and high-value customers.

Great for:

  • Employee anniversaries, new customers and special guests.

Branded Glass Water Bottles

Bodhi 500 ml Glass Sport Bottle Full Colour Print


  • Trendy: Branded glass water bottles have a natural look that appeals to eco-minded recipients.
  • Pure: Glass water bottles do not retain colours or odours from the beverage inside.
  • Easy to Clean: Glass water bottles are more likely to be dishwasher safe.


  • Breakable: a branded glass water bottle is more likely to break into sharp pieces than other materials. Outdoor venues such as parks, pools and beaches do not always permit glass containers. 
  • Weight: Glass is heavier than aluminium and plastic and would not be the best type of water bottle for active sports.

Great for:

  • Office employees, customer meetings and special events.

When Should I Give Away Custom Water Bottles?

Branded water bottles are a welcome gift for many occasions.

  • Work: Welcome new employees with a custom water bottle for their commute and work area.
  • School: Start the first day of school with a lightweight custom aluminium water bottle for every student.
  • Outdoor Events: Greet attendees of outdoor festivals and special events with a custom stainless steel water bottle to remember the occasion and your company for years to come. 
  • Sports Teams: Promote team spirit and hydration with a branded plastic water bottle with your team’s name and slogan.
  • Gyms and Fitness Centres: Custom water bottles make a great welcome gift for new clients at fitness centres and spas.

Please Customers and Attract New Customers with All Types of Water Bottles

Choose the water bottle style and material that suits your budget, and you’ll be ready with a giveaway that every customer can use.


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