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Learn the Power of Accessorising Your Promotional Products

Imagine someone gives you an apple as a gift. Now imagine that apple is presented to you in gold foil. Which gift will you appreciate more? Good products are important, but how you dress them up will have a major impact on how your customers receive them. Here at National Pen, we offer all sorts of special packaging and accessories to accompany your promotional products to make sure your brand stands out like an apple in gold foil. 

What is a National Pen Accessory? 

An accessory is any sort of additional item that can be added to your promotional products, including gift packaging, pen pouches, branded sleeves and more. These add an extra sense of style and improve the overall presentation of your giveaways and gifts. Individual packaging is especially popular for holidays and for gifting to clients. 

What Kind of Accessories Can I Find in Your Collection? 

The accessories you can buy depends on the product you have, though most of our accessories are a type of presentation box or gift box packaging. For example, with many of our mugs, you can order mug gift boxes, and many of our pens come with pen sleeves or even clear pen tubes to protect them when being posted with newsletters. Many of our most popular accessories will be advertised alongside the product in the description, such as pen sets delivered in a display box. 

How Can I Add Accessories to My National Pen Products? 

Accessories cannot be purchased on their own, but they are available in the basket as an option for different promotional products. This is because these accessories pair with an individual product and will either contain each product or be sent alongside it. Just choose what products you want to order, go to your basket and select your favourite accessories to accompany your promotional giveaways. 

Why Should I Add Accessories?  

Why not? Adding accessories can be a great way to enhance the impact of your promotional products. A pen gift box, pouch or sleeve adds that personal touch to printed pens and other giveaways that customers and clients really appreciate. How much more of an impact will your branded mugs have when they are delivered in a ribbon-wrapped box? How much more elegant will your luxury pens look when they are delivered in a trendy black display box? And, of course, everyone loves a velvet pouch for a customised gift. 

How Can a Pen Pouch or a Ribbon Gift Box Affect the Perception of My Brand Image? 

While a quality product is important when planning your promotional gifts and giveaways, presentation makes a significant difference. After all, why do we wrap presents for holidays and birthdays? We do it because people care about presentation. Many customers will associate the perceived quality of your giveaways with the quality of your brand. This means that making a good first impression is essential. When your giveaways come stylishly packaged in their own gift wrapping and accessories, they make a much better impression. 

Why is Packaging Important for Promotion? 

Your promotional gifts are ambassadors for your brand, so it’s important to treat them with care. Packaging has many uses; it can both enhance your image and protect your products while they on their way to your customers. All of it impacts the image that you present to clients and customers with your high-quality promotional gifts. 

What Are the 5 Potential Purposes of Packaging?  

The 5 potential purposes include: 

  1. Protection – Quality packaging can keep your products safe while they are en route to your customers. 
  1. Containment – Nobody wants loose biscuits delivered in a box. Proper packaging keeps your gifts contained together and ready for use upon arrival. 
  1. Information – Packaging can also carry a lot of information. Whether it’s ingredients, contents or company information, printed packaging is a useful addition to any product. 
  1. Utility of Use – Reusable packaging is a great way for customers to keep track of their gifts after receiving them, or they can be used to display the gifts. 
  1. Promotion – Well designed packaging is great for promotion. It improves the impression each gift offers your customers and helps you stand out from the competition. 

What Are 6 Characteristics of Good Packaging? 

The 6 characteristics that make up good packaging include: 

  • Convenience – Good packaging should be as simple as possible and easy to open. A bad packaging experience for customers is a bad experience with your brand. 
  • Security – Good packaging should be secure enough to keep the product contained and safe during transportation. When products arrive damaged, it damages the customer’s experience. 
  • Adaptability – Adaptable packaging can protect the product against a variety of dangers and environments. Whether your product is travelling in cold or hot conditions, or being bumped around in transit, good packaging should be prepared for every eventuality. 
  • Dependability – Good packaging must be consistent in quality, allowing customers to trust the brand to deliver the best with every purchase. 
  • Status – Customers who are loyal to a particular brand often feel elevated in their social standing because of their ability to buy from that brand. Good packaging should contribute to that feeling with a prestigious appearance. 
  • Aesthetic – Good packaging should be pleasing to look at and even reflect the values of a brand in its design. For example, companies which emphasise eco-friendliness should have the soothing colours of nature on their packaging. 

If a quality, branded pen has a lasting effect on customers, imagine how much greater an impact it could have when accessorised. Quality packaging and accessories help enhance the impact your products have on your customers, whether they’re products you sell or promotional items you give away. They say it’s the thought that counts, so make sure to put a lot of thought not only into what products you present to your customers, but also how you present them. 



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