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How to Choose the Best Water Bottles to Market Your Brand

Water bottles are one of the most popular forms of promotional products available, and for good reason. They are relevant for any industry, can be used by any customer, and can be used on a daily basis. The more they are used, the more your logo is seen by your customers. This increases their familiarity with your brand and can also improve their overall opinion of your company. These water bottles also make great corporate gifts for employees. Make them part of your onboarding welcome packages or pass them out at your next corporate event. However you plan to use them, we’ve gathered the best water bottles for you to customise with your branding, plus some tips on how to pick what works for you!

Best Water Bottles for the Gym

When people go to the gym, they need to stay hydrated. The best water bottles for the gym will be durable, easy to use and have a large capacity. Plastic water bottles are great for this because they often come with a variety of spout options and the largest capacities. You will also want a bottle that is leak-proof to avoid getting water in your gym bag. While most water bottles will have some sort of leak protection, metal water bottles are often the most leak-proof with rubber gaskets and tight screw lids.

Drinking bottle RETUMBLER® ANTIOCH

Best Water Bottles With Straws

Water bottles with straws are a great way to drink on the go without tilting. Because of this, they are very useful to have in the car and in the office. They make great gifts for employees and busy customers who want to stay hydrated without the hassle of tilting and squeezing their bottle. The downside to straws is that it is one more element to clean, but most water bottle straws are easily detachable and can often be washed in the top drawer of the dishwasher. However, you should always read the care instructions of your water bottle to make sure it is dishwasher safe.

Sport Bottle With Straw

Best Reusable Water Bottles

Durability is very important when looking at reusable water bottles, because their entire purpose is to be used over and over again. Durability can be achieved through a variety of factors, including how easy it is to wash, resilience to being broken or scratched and more. While metal may seem like the most obvious choice for durability, plastic can be made shatterproof, such as with Tritan brand shatterproof plastic.

Tritan™ 500 ml. Water Bottle with Wrist Strap

Best Filtered Water Bottles

Water bottle filters can do all sorts of things and are popular for giveaways in the health industry. Filters can clean your water or infuse flavours from fruit or tea. While filters are very popular, they do make your water bottle harder to clean if they are not detachable. Filters that clean your water should be rinsed in cold water separately to avoid ruining the filter, while infusers can often be cleaned the same way you clean the rest of the bottle.

Single-Wall Glass Water Bottle

Best Water Bottles for Running

The best water bottles for running will be lightweight and durable. Heavy water bottles can be uncomfortable to carry while running, but bottles also need to be strong enough to stay intact when dropped. Aluminium water bottles are lightweight and strong, and most come with leak-proof lids. Shatterproof plastic is also ideal for the same reason. Bottles that are easy to carry are also ideal for running, so a carrying loop or wrist strap is important.

600 ml. Atlanta Aluminium Water Bottle with Handle

Best Glass Water Bottles

Glass water bottles have become a highly desirable trend as promotional products. Customers love the clean style that doesn’t have any effect on the taste of the water. Glass also has a more natural aesthetic than plastic or metal, which makes it popular in yoga studios, craft shops and the healthy food industry. You should avoid freezing or microwaving most glass water bottles. Rapid changes in temperature can cause the glass to expand or contract too quickly and shatter.

Bodhi 500 ml Glass Sport Bottle Full Colour Print

Best Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Stainless steel is a popular type of water bottle thanks to its durability. Many stainless steel water bottles come with additional features, such as engraved imprint options and double-wall vacuum insulation. This makes them perfect for outdoor activities and long commutes where you want to keep your drink hot or cold for longer. Stainless steel is also easy to clean, as it is often dishwasher safe and doesn’t stain.

650 ml. Thor Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Best Water Bottles for Hiking

When going out for long hikes, you want to keep your drink cold through the hours of hot sun. Insulated water bottles are ideal for keeping drinks cold for long periods of time. They also often come with leak-proof caps so you can carry your bottle in your backpack. An attached carabiner can also help make carrying easy. Because hikes can sometimes take all day, the best water bottles for hiking will also have a large capacity for carrying lots of water.


400 ml. Oregon Water Bottle with Carabiner

Best Metal Water Bottles

Whether it’s copper lined, vacuum insulated, aluminium or stainless steel, there are a lot of great options for promotional metal water bottles. Metal water bottles are particularly popular for outdoor sports and adventures, such as hiking, biking and camping thanks to their durability. When insulated, they also are great for long commutes and other situations where you want to keep your drink hot or cold for a long period of time.

510 ml. Arsenal Vacuum-Insulated Bottle

Best Plastic Water Bottles

Lightweight and versatile, these water bottles are the perfect giveaway for any occasion. Plastic water bottles are also the ideal for bright colours and bolder branding. These are popular for trade shows, university fairs, outdoor events and basically anywhere you plan to hand out giveaways. While most plastic water bottles are dishwasher safe, you should always check the care instructions for each individual model.

650 ml. Sky Water Bottle with Handle

Finding the right water bottle to represent your brand isn’t easy, but we’ve made it a little easier with our list of customer favourites. If you don’t find something here that sparks your interest, check out our other sporty water bottle styles on our website. We have lots of options for companies to customise, whether you want something sporty or adventurous, or even just something casual for home. Take the time to find the best water bottles for your brand, and your customers are sure to be dazzled by what you come up with!


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