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Office Christmas Party Ideas for Virtual & In-Person Teams

If you’re looking for work Christmas party activities for your business, we’re here to help with the best virtual and office Christmas party ideas. We’ll also share some popular gifts for your office Christmas party that will keep the good vibes flowing well into the new year. Read on for employee party ideas that bring together both on-site and off-site colleagues for fun, games and great memories. Let’s get the Christmas party started!    

Current Trends in Office Christmas Party Planning

A few trends1 to keep in mind as you consider various Christmas office party ideas:

  • Most employees prefer Thursday rather than Friday for an office Christmas party. This is especially true for virtual employees. 
  • While event budgets have not increased, the costs of events have. This makes budget-friendly options especially appealing.
  • More formal options, including evening parties, sit-down lunches and dinners are preferred.

What Are Some Office Christmas Party Ideas for In-Person and Virtual Teams?

Today’s company christmas party ideas need to account for a range of environments, including in-office teams and virtual teams. Many businesses practice a hybrid model that accommodates both in-office and work-from-home employees. Our Christmas office party ideas will help you to enjoy the season with everyone on your team, no matter where they are located. The following work Christmas party ideas apply just as well to those looking for virtual Christmas party ideas, in-person, or both.

Best Gingerbread House

Not everyone knows their way around a kitchen. But everyone loves food at a party. Gingerbread house building is a company Christmas party idea for both in-person and virtual employees, and also ensures everyone in all locations gets to enjoy Christmas treats! Some considerations:

  • Define the rules based on your team. Ask them to vote among various judging criteria, including highest structure, most festive decorating or speediest assembly.
  • Supply each employee with a kit, either in-person or via the post, and have virtual employees access the in-person event via video call.
  • If your group is particularly into cooking and ambitious, they can pick their own gingerbread recipes, bake and decorate their own masterpieces and present the final product for voting during your Christmas party.

Best Background

The past few years have had their ups, downs, highs and lows… With that in mind, perhaps the best Christmas party idea for your loyal, committed, creative employees is the one where they’re not at a Christmas party at all. Give each employee a stipend depending on your budget. Tell them to use the cash to get somewhere away from their home and snap a photo. It could be a special countryside spot, restaurant or even an ice-skating rink. Your employee can pose solo or with family, friends or colleagues. It doesn’t matter how far they go or how fancy you can afford for your team to be. The fun is in each team member sharing a little bit about their non-work self as you celebrate the year gone by and the year yet to come.  Some tips:

  • Have each employee explain their special place.
  • Make a contest out of it and give a prize to the most unique or compelling spot.
  • Add a surprise and give those who posed at a restaurant a gift certificate to the favourite local hot spot for food and drinks. Give those who posed outdoors a camping mug or travel tumbler. And for those who posed with family, give them a customised frame or gift certificate for a professional portrait. 

Christmas Bingo Is Always in Style

Even the most introverted, festive-fearing employee can get behind a game of bingo! All you need is bingo cards, a deck of bingo calling cards and some highlighters to make the game go smoothly. Or you can create a casino vibe with a bingo machine, cards and bingo balls. You can get as fancy as you’d like, with seasonal bingo boards, wooden tiles and a mechanical ball blower. Either way, no one can resist the easy engagement of a game of bingo, promising a prize to every winner. The game works equally well as a virtual Christmas party idea or an in-person company party game. Hand out or post game supplies plus a customised whistle so everyone can celebrate when someone yells ‘bingo’!   

The Star of Every Office Christmas Party? Employee Gifts!

Whether in-person or virtual, no Christmas party is complete without customised Christmas gifts for your employees. Christmas is a great time to show appreciation for the crew that shows up at the last minute, changes direction as priorities change and inspires you to be the best leader you can be! They deserve a special something and below we share popular picks for all kinds of employees. Pick one or two gifts for your corporate Christmas party and be sure there’s something for everyone.  

Alpha Soft Touch Bright with Stylus & Torch Gift Set: This gift set adds festivity to any Christmas party and ensures every employee leaves with a memorable keepsake.

Full Colour Nifty Note Caddy & Metal Pen with Rose Gold Trim: Professional and personal, this note caddy and matching metal pen adds a touch of elegance to your office Christmas party, and leaves your team with a gift they can use all year.

Pro Elite TWS Earbuds: For big smiles and a gift they’ll remember, these earbuds are sure to big a big hit!

Sound Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker: Keep the festivities going well beyond the office Christmas party when you give this bluetooth speaker. It’s customised with your logo, so your employees can play their favourite music while thinking of their favourite employer!

Belo Bottle Double Wall Bottle 500 ml: If you’re looking for a practical yet elegant gift all your recipients can use, distribute this sleek, double-walled bottle, engraved with your special messaging, as you wrap up your office Christmas party.

400 ml Insulated Aurora Travel Mug: A practical gift doesn’t have to be expensive, and this travel mug can be used by employees and their families while keeping you within budget.

Jaya Backpack: Encourage a healthy start to the new year when you give a customised backpack as a gift at your Christmas party. This backpack is great for work, weekend activities and trips around town. 

Looking for More Gift Ideas?

For more office Christmas party gift ideas, browse all our promotional products and find the perfect match for your budget, brand and party theme. Popular collections include:

  • Our collection of customised diaries to help employees start the new year off feeling organised and stylish! 
  • Customised Christmas cards to help make your Christmas cards more personal. These cards are great for expressing end-of-year thanks to employees, and are the perfect way to present gift cards and tickets to favourite restaurants, shops and entertainment venues. Tip: wondering what to write inside your Christmas cards? This blog can help: What to Write in Christmas Cards for Clients & Employees.

The Best Company Christmas Party Idea? Ask the Team!

When your team weighs in on what sounds special and festive, they also get in the mood for a good time ahead. Put together a quick survey to solicit your team’s work Christmas party ideas. You’ll get a feel for whether employees would rather have a meal at a restaurant, stay virtual and have a video party or meet on-site for a buffet and silly party games. You can also use a survey to get a sense of what kind of prizes your employees might enjoy. Do they like to eat out? Enjoy the great outdoors? Prefer going to sporting events, or having a spa day? Asking for their input sends the message that you care. With a lively activity, a few prizes and a special gift as they leave, your team will go into the Christmas season and the year ahead with high spirits and a shared sense of joy. Cheers!



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