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What Is a Duffle Bag and How Do I Use It to Promote My Business?

Got a lot of stuff? Stuff it in a duffle bag and be on your way! It seems every generation enjoys a duffle bag for all sorts of uses, from sports to travel, laundry and more. But what is a duffle bag, and what is behind the staying power of this classic style of bag? We have the answers! Find out all about the duffle bag including duffle bag history, the best duffle bag sizes and designs for different purposes, and the best duffle bag to customise with your logo.

What Is a Duffle Bag?

The most important characteristic of a duffle bag is that it is unstructured. This means it can hold items of various sizes when in use, and can be folded flat for easy transport and storage. Originally, a duffle bag had one large opening at the top and was secured with a drawstring closure. Today’s duffle bags might include a zip closure, carrying handles and a shoulder strap. These types of duffle bags are sometimes known as holdalls.

What Are Some Duffle Bag History Highlights?

Although historians do not know who invented the duffle bag, we do know a lot about duffle bag history. The duffle bag got its name from the town of Duffel in Belgium, where the thick, durable ‘duffle’ cloth was developed in the 17th century. Originally, duffle was fabricated as a strong, woollen material. It was used primarily for military coats and bags. Today, duffle material is made in locations around the world and is used for many purposes. Although both ‘duffle’ and ‘duffel’ are correct spellings, the ‘duffle’ spelling is more popular.

What Are Duffle Bags Made Of?

In the earliest duffle bag history, the bags were made of a coarse woollen material. Today, a duffle bag is often made of thick cotton, canvas or a sturdy synthetic material like polyester or nylon.

What Are the Best Uses for Duffle Bags?

Duffle bags are very versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. Branded duffle bags are popular among sports teams, gym-goers, campers and travellers. Students living away from home like to use them for carrying laundry. Branded duffle bags are popular gifts for customers, new students, teams and employees.

How Do I Choose the Right Duffle Bag Size?

Duffle bags are a versatile and practical way to carry belongings for travel, sport and everyday use. Consider these factors when choosing the best duffle bag size for you:

  • Amount to Be Carried: If you are welcoming new members at your gym with a customised duffle bag, you might look for a smaller size duffle bag that will hold one change of gym clothes, accessories and shoes. Uni students walking to the laundry room will prefer a large duffle bag.
  • Hard or Soft Contents: Clothes can be compressed while sports equipment requires duffle bag dimensions that will accommodate fixed-size contents.
  • Size of the User: Young children need a smaller and lighter duffle bag than teenagers and adults.

What Kinds of Duffle Bags Can I Customise?

We offer branded duffle bags in many sizes and styles, including designs in bright fabrics and featuring multiple pockets. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect promotional duffle bag:

  • Material: Canvas duffle bags are durable and have a rugged look, while leather duffle bags are more stylish and luxurious. Synthetic or polyester duffle bags are lightweight, sporty and sometimes water-resistant. You can also choose a duffle bag made of recycled plastic!
  • Straps: For heavy contents, such as items for playing sport or travelling, look for a duffle bag with a comfortable shoulder strap and reinforced carry handles.
  • Pockets: Though the classic duffle bag has few or no pockets, modern duffle bags can feature a variety of compartments and pockets.
  • Colour: Today’s duffle bags appeal to a broad audience and come in an assortment of colours, from natural cotton to bright synthetic fabrics. For travel and hold luggage, bright colours can be more easily spotted in a crowd.

Be Sure Duffle Bag History Includes Your Small Business!

With so many uses, a branded duffle bag makes a classic, quality gift that students, employees and customers will take everywhere. Shop all our branded duffle bags for the duffle bag size and style that best suits your recipient, brand and budget.

For more bag promotional gifts, take a look at our promotional bags, including customised travel bags.


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