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Brand Highlight: BIC® Brand

Whether in school or in the office, everyone has used a BIC brand pen at least once. That means that everyone has at some point experienced the quality that comes with the BIC brand. But when were BIC pens invented, and what has made BIC so universally popular in the pen industry? We’re putting the spotlight on BIC to explore exactly that.

BIC Pens History

According to Reference for Business, it all began in 1945 with Marcel Bich, a production manager at an ink company who decided to break away and start his own ink business outside of Paris. In 1949 he was making his own ballpoint pens — the classic BIC ballpoint pen with a simple barrel and non-retractable tip. While other brands were known for clogging and leaking, BICs were smooth and reliable, gaining instant success on the European market. While his advisors pushed Marcel to release a more expensive pen to compete in the flooded US market, Marcel refused, keeping his high-quality pens affordable and available.

Today, the BIC pen company has expanded to office equipment, disposable lighters, razors and more. Still dedicated to offering high-quality, reliable products at affordable prices, they’ve become one of the most well-known names in the world of pens.

What Makes BIC So Popular?

There’s a lot to love about the BIC pen company and their products, but what really draws in the customers is the value for money. BIC is well renowned for their efficiency in materials and manufacturing, creating high-quality pens, lighters, razors and more at a price point that anyone can afford. This is ideal for promotional products, allowing you to place large orders without busting your budget!

BIC Brand Big Features

When you buy BIC promotional products, you can rely on these key features:

  • Affordability: Like we’ve said, BIC products are high quality with a low price point. That means pens for under a pound with quality that keeps them visible on your customers’ desks, perfect for promotional gifting.
  • Durability: Unlike a lot of cheap pens, BIC pens are built to last. That means more branding visibility that lasts for years with every single pen!
  • Reliability: Everyone knows that pens that can’t perform well end up in the bin. That’s why promoting with branded BIC pens, known for smooth, bold pen strokes that don’t skip or scratch, is a safe investment for your brand.
  • Classic Style: Not every pen needs metallic trims and artisanal barrel shapes. You’ll find most of our BIC pens follow a classic style that is practical, professional and very functional. Relying more on bold colours to attract a crowd than gimmicky add-ons, these pens are a no-brainer for customers to reach for when they need a working, reliable pen.

Using BIC to Promote You

Looking to add some of the power of BIC to your brand? Here are some of our best custom BIC pens for your next campaign.

BIC® Brite Liner® Grip Highlighter

Bold, bright colours and a built-in rubber grip make this BIC highlighter a popular gift for any student or professional. The built-in grip not only adds comfort and style, but also adds that additional seal to the cap so the marker’s felt tip doesn’t dry out.

BIC® Round Stic® Ecolutions® ballpen

The classic BIC pen design just got an upgrade with the Ecolutions line. Made with 76% pre-consumer recycled plastic (leftover plastic from the manufacturing process), this pen is a prime example of style and efficiency working together for your brand. Customise with your logo and enjoy a price point that allows mass distribution through the post, at your office or anywhere else customers find your brand.

BIC® Clic Stic BGuard™ Ballpen

A simple design with bold colour combinations, this pen is easily customised to match any brand. Find your brand colours then customise with your unique logo and message for a giveaway that’s better than a business card.

BIC® Intensity® Gel Clic

Everyone knows BIC pens offer reliable, bold pen strokes, and you can bet the performance is that much better with their gel ink. Slippery smooth, bold lines created by a high-fashion pen make this giveaway a gift customers won’t be able to resist using. Futuristic colours, a soft comfort grip and retractable tip make your brand stand out on this popular pen.

BIC® 4 Colours ballpen

If you missed the 4-colour pen craze of the ’80s, now’s your chance to jump in! Packed with nostalgia that is once again growing in popularity, the BIC 4-colour pen offers four pens all packed into one, which means four times the functionality and four times the opportunity for making impressions on behalf of your brand.

BIC® Matic® mechanical pencil

Pencils are great, mechanical pencils are better! Refillable with a built-in rubber and a simple white-with-accent design that makes your branding pop, this mechanical pencil is the perfect gift for students, professionals and more.


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