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Why Custom Lighters Are a Bright Idea

If you are looking for a promotional product that is affordable, effective and popular with a broad audience, branded lighters are a consistent crowd-pleaser. Find out the reasons behind the long-term success of this giveaway!

How Are Printed Lighters Used?

The main reason behind the success of the custom lighter is that it is useful in so many different situations. Just to name a few:

  • Lighting Candles: Make a mood happen by giving your recipient a custom lighter paired with a scented candle and a stress ball. This Long-Lasting BIC® Lighter helps to start a calming candle and sell your brand as well! For a compact yet full-colour version, consider the Full Colour BIC® J25 Standard Lighter.
  • Lighting Cigarettes, Cigars and Pipes: Whatever they are smoking, don’t leave your customers without a light — and your branding! The BIC® J25 Standard Lighter comes in a mini size that is easy to carry in a pocket or hand out as a gift with a purchase. For a fuel-efficient, no-flame option, check out the Refillable Slider Electronic Lighter.
  • Starting Campfires and Bonfires: A lighter is a great way to start a fire, even in windy conditions. This Flasma Plus Rechargeable Lighter gets the job done and can be recharged for every event, meaning more visibility for your branding!
  • Emergency Preparedness: Whether it’s a pilot light that goes out, or the electricity, having a logo lighter close by makes unexpected events less stressful. Emergency lighters are normally kept easily accessible along with other important supplies such as candles, masks and flares. This means more visibility for your branding as you help your recipients feel safe.

What Are the Popular Types of Custom Lighters?

If you are looking to promote your brand using branded lighters at your next business meeting or special event, there are a few logo lighter styles that are consistent best-sellers. Choose the type of lighter that works best for your budget, your recipient and the intended use.

  • Classic BIC® Butane Lighter: A butane lighter delivers a cost-efficient, consistent flame. Although there are many lighters that use butane fluid, the most popular brand of custom lighter using butane fluid is BIC®. For reliability and traditional appeal, a BIC® butane lighter is your best bet!
  • Mini Lighters: A smaller version of the classic butane lighter, this type of branded lighter is great on-the-go or when space is limited, such as at points of purchase, events and during travel.
  • Flameless Lighter: Flameless logo lighters are an electric, rechargeable alternative to traditional butane lighters. They emit a small plasma arc which is strong enough to light candles and cigars. Unlike butane lighters, a flameless lighter is not affected by wind, making it great for outdoor use.
  • Slide Lighter: A slide lighter is a fuel-free, rechargeable lighter that uses the same heated-coil mechanism as the car lighters with which we, of a certain age, are familiar. If your printed lighter is a slide lighter, your recipient will simply slide the top panel down to reveal an electric coil, which heats up instantly.

When Should I Give Branded Lighters?

A key advantage of using custom lighters as your promotional giveaway is that they are easy to distribute at many occasions:

  • Souvenirs: Distribute full colour custom lighters to guests at weddings, family reunions and other special events. Add a special date or the names of the couple celebrating an anniversary to your printed lighter.
  • Point of Purchase: Offer branded lighters at tills as an additional purchase or a gift with purchase. Custom printed lighters are especially popular at corner shops, gift shops and smaller supermarkets. 
  • Trade Shows and Expos: Offer printed lighters at your booth or display table. You will be surprised how many attendees will stop to say hello or share their contact information in order to get one!
  • Sports Events and Concert Venues: Logo lighters are a must-have at outdoor events where they serve as keepsakes and handy tools for a good time! Customise your promotional lighter with a sports team or band.
  • Restaurants, Resorts and Spas: Send guests home with a token of your appreciation when you leave a promotional lighter with their receipt.  

How Do I Customise Branded Lighters?

Logo lighters offer generous space for your messaging, making them attractive branding tools. The most popular imprint options are a single colour or a full colour logo or ad message.

What Else Should I Give with Branded Lighters?

If you are looking for the complete promotional product package, pair your custom lighters with related items such as  custom can coolers, bottle openers, custom keyrings, candles and stress balls. Stock up on branded lighters for customers, employees and event attendees. In this way, you can keep your brand in the hands and pockets of your target audience while staying within budget and enjoying lasting visibility.


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