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What to Write in Christmas Cards for Clients & Employees

Getting ready to order your personalised Christmas cards for clients? Are you personalising Christmas cards for employees this year? Once you’ve found the card design that suits your style, you’ll find that most Christmas cards come with a generic Christmas-specific greeting. At this point, you’re already halfway there. All that’s left is to include some kind of sentiment that’s specific to your clients or employees. Although that’s often the greatest hurdle, it’s important. Adding a personalised note will take your cards from a simple Christmas greeting to something truly meaningful. But what to write in Christmas cards for clients? For employees? If you’ve got writer’s block, we’ve got your back. 

Tips for What to Write in Christmas Cards for Clients 

Customers and clients want to know that their business matters to you, and that your customers are more than just a transaction. Here are a few tips for what to write in clients’ cards, including how to reach out to high-value clients: 

  • Share a detail or two about your Christmas plans or family to connect with customers on a personal level. 
  • Wishing you many marvellous memories this Christmas. Some of the team at [XYZ Company] are headed far and wide in search of snow and sun, while the rest will be enjoying some time at home celebrating with family and friends. Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to all! 
  • Let customers know how your small business did during the year. Share any important milestones or obstacles overcame. 
  • We hope your year has been one of growth and successes, big and small. Thanks to clients like you, this year saw the opening of our second office. Happy Christmas from your friends at [XYZ Company]. 
  • We faced some economic struggles this year and are deeply grateful to every one of our customers for sticking by us. Heartfelt thanks and Happy Christmas to you and yours!  
  • Express what you love about your small business and relate that to your amazing customers. 
  • Every day brings us joy and underscores what matters most — looking after your children. Thank you for another rewarding year with your little ones. Happy Christmas to you and yours!  
  • We welcome the festive season with the same passion and precision we bring to our tax planning! Thanks for letting us serve you this year. Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours! 
  • Go the extra mile for top clients and customers. 
  • Working with you to develop and execute a comprehensive branding strategy for [XYZ Company] was one of the most rewarding highlights of the year. Our team thanks you for such a fantastic partnership and looks forward to delivering stellar results for you again next year. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.  
  • Consider secular greetings as well. 
  • You’re at the top of our gratitude list this season! Wishing you all the best and the chance to enjoy some well-deserved time with family and friends. Season’s Greetings. 

Tips for What to Write in Christmas Cards for Employees 

For employees, Christmas is often a time for slowing down and spending well-deserved time with family and friends. Custom printed Christmas cards are a great way to celebrate the most important connections in your employees’ lives. Consider including one of these sentiments in your Christmas cards: 

  • If you’ve had a great year, call that out and let your employees know it’s thanks to their hard work. 
  • Our success is thanks to all of our dedicated team members. We are grateful for your hard work and wish you a wonderful Christmas. 
  • If this has been a particularly tough year, acknowledge that and offer words of thanks and encouragement. 
  • This year has brought unexpected challenges for our business and our employees, and we thank you for all the effort and commitment you’ve shown as we adjusted to tough times. We wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas and look forward to a new year full of wins and successes, big and small.  
  • Encourage employees to leave work at work, and enjoy Christmas with their loved ones. 
  • We wish you a wonderful Christmas with family and friends filled with peace, laughter and love. 
  • Thank you for investing your time and talent with our company. We are grateful for your hard work and wish you a wonderful Christmas surrounded by family, friends, light and love. 
  • Consider secular greetings as well. 
  • Wishing you peace, fun and plenty of new adventures this season. 
  • Thank you for contributing your time and energy to the team this year. Your hard work is very much appreciated! Wishing you and yours a season filled with peaceful moments and beautiful memories.  

What to Customise: Christmas Cards and More 

When it comes to the season of giving, it really is the thought that counts. Wishing your customers and team members a healthy, happy Christmas is an important gesture that can be expressed in a simple offering. Make someone’s day this Christmas with a personalised card or gift. 

  • Our Design Wrap Pens selection is second to none. Find the one that speaks to your Christmas spirit the most! 

We have a full selection of promotional business Christmas gifts, including pens, branded diariestravel mugs and more! 

You wrote it. You sent it. Now celebrate! 

Once you’ve got your Christmas cards for employees and Christmas cards for clients written and sent out, it might be a good time to give yourself a break. Whether that means enjoying a hot chocolate or a hot toddy, a Netflix night or a long weekend of me-time, you can relax in the knowledge that your Christmas card or gift is sure to make the season just a little more special for someone, or even lots of someones! 

Let us know how you connect with your customers this Christmas. You can find us on Facebook, and singing Christmas carols from October onwards! 


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