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Share the Love: Best Valentine’s Day Promotion Ideas

Florists, restaurants, jewellers, chocolatiers: it’s your best time of the year! Valentine’s Day is a big day for any company that has something to offer couples both young and old looking to share a romantic celebration together. But you can’t expect kissing couples to just show up at your door without a little work. Here are the best Valentine’s Day promotion ideas to make business boom this February. 

Co-ordinate for Couples’ Events 

You know what’s better than a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, a hotel room or a fancy steak dinner for two? All of them together! Make some couples seriously happy this year by working together with other local businesses to create the ultimate romantic package for Valentine’s Day. This means less work for people wanting to surprise their significant others with something big, and more customers for all the businesses involved.  

This package can take all sorts of forms beyond just a night of romance. You can have flowers and chocolate sold with ‘couples’ meals’ at a local restaurant, or you can have a weekend getaway at a hotel with daily floral bouquets and a day at the spa. A massage therapist can offer couples’ massages with a take-home basket of treats and fluffy bathrobes, or a cinema can do a date night special with ice cream and popcorn to take home. Get creative and you can find all sorts of ways to pair your goods or services with others in your community! 

Send Them Home with Giveaways 

Nothing says making memories like creative keepsakes, whether it’s those pressed pennies you get at tourist attractions, or an embarrassing photo taken halfway down a rollercoaster. For Valentine’s Day, you want something cute that customers can give to their significant other to show they’re thinking of them (and in turn they’ll both end up thinking of you). Leading up to and on Valentine’s Day, make sure you’re sending customers home with something to remember you by. 

What you send home with them can vary greatly depending on your budget, resources and your industry. Promotional products with Valentine’s Day themes can be a quick and cost-effective way to promote your brand. Some Valentine’s Day giveaway ideas include branded sweets, design wrap-style pens, custom Valentine cards, promotional mugs, cups, wine accessories and more! 

Offer Interactive Experiences 

More than just a quick gift, people love when their significant other gifts them an experience for Valentine’s Day. So, when you’re trying to draw those cuddling crowds to your shop, give them a reason to linger at your business. Set up romantic spots for couples to take pictures together, put together a cupcake decorating station, offer wrapping that they can doodle on themselves and so on. Find ways to turn the simple act of shopping into a chance to make memories.  

If you’re already offering services, like pictures or massages, find a way to go the extra romantic mile for your couples with a special Valentine’s Day promotion. Massage therapists can offer classes to help couples learn to massage each other, and photographers can let couples take over the camera for a few shots to take pictures of each other in a faux-professional fashion. Remember, for romantic activities, it’s less about what they’re doing and more about having fun with the person they love. 

Engage the Senses 

Just like wooing a significant other, wooing your customers should involve as many senses as possible. Along with dazzling heart decorations, play some romantic music in your shop, whip out those scented air fresheners and lay out some sweet treats for anyone spending their Valentine’s Day at your business. If you’re promoting any sort of healthy living with your business, now is the time to prove that keto brownies can be just as tasty as the sugary kind! 

Don’t just stop there. Touch is an important sense as well that online shopping can’t satisfy. When people come to your physical location, make sure they can get that emotional attachment to your wares through touch. Leave out flowers for customers to touch while considering what they want in a bouquet, offer free take-home samples from your chocolaterie or send home carpet samples in the shape of a heart. Selling services instead of goods? No problem! A simple discount voucher with a silky ribbon attached can make a great yet simple giveaway for Valentine’s Day that will be difficult to forget. 

For the ‘Strictly Business’ Industries 

Think you have nothing to offer for Valentine’s Day? Think again! Everyday life goods and services can fall easily under ‘couples’ activities’ if you get creative. For example: want to help couples make moving in together feel more official? Encourage them to come and buy their first sofa together with a Valentine’s Day sale! The same concept works for buying a first home, getting a new kitchen sink and any other house-related activities. Turn shopping into a date with savings and you’ll get all sorts of frugal and fun couples coming to your business. 

Of course, there are some industries that simply aren’t going to hit that romantic side for most people, like dentists (I’m sorry, nobody wants a root canal for Valentine’s Day). But that doesn’t mean you can’t use the day in your promotions. Incorporate Valentine themes in your online and physical marketing with onsite decorations, seasonal sales and social media giveaways, and send Valentines in your newsletters to let customers know that they’re the ones your company loves.  

Valentine’s Day is one of the best celebration days for florists, jewellers, chocolatiers and anyone offering services or experiences that couples can enjoy. If you want to get the most out of the day for your business, however, the best approach is to work with other small businesses in your area to offer bigger and better experiences that can rekindle marriages and prompt proposals. Use these Valentine’s Day promotion ideas to boost your promo game and make this year unforgettable. 


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