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What Size Logo Mug Should I Buy? Coffee Mug Sizes Explained

I Need a Logo Mug but I Only Speak Starbucks™. Help!

These days drinkware is a fashion accessory, sported with pride among beverage drinkers of all kinds — from students to teachers and movers and shakers to loafers and loungers. With the tumbler front and centre in any crowd, it makes good sense to think of custom drinkware as a cost-efficient billboard for your branding, delivering marketing impressions galore, all around town. 

Customising a mug or tumbler with your logo is a no-brainer. Pick a custom coffee mug or tumbler that’s right for the occasion and a colour that suits your branding style, and generously distribute them among your target audience. Easy! But wait… 

What size? With a generation or two brought up on Starbucks sizing, it might be hard to know. Is an 240 ml mug ridiculous? Is a 590 ml tumbler unwieldy? Who’s to say? We’re here to help! Below we translate drinkware sizes into Starbucks speak, using a few of our favourites as examples: 

The 240 ml Mug: Don’t Be Ridiculous 

Eight ounces corresponds to the Starbucks ‘short’ size. It’s not one of the more popular sizes ordered, so we at National Pen only offer one mug option in this size. The mug we carry also includes a spoon, so an 240 ml mug would perhaps be better aimed at the porridge eaters and baby-food servers among your target audience. Anyway, here it is: 

Ceramic vintage mug 240 ml 

Tall Is the New Short 

Moving on up, a 350 ml mug size is equivalent to what Starbucks calls a ‘tall’. But don’t be fooled, as the ‘tall’ is the smallest among their most commonly requested sizes. Check out these examples: 

Geo 350 ml copper vacuum insulated tumbler 

I Just Want A Cup of Coffee! 

To attach your messaging to a mug that most people will find ‘just right’ (think Goldilocks and the aforementioned porridge), go for the 470 ml. This is equivalent to a Starbucks ‘grande’ size. Two examples: 

Thermos® 470ml Diana Push-button Travel Mug

Supersized Drinks with Supersized Logos 

The 590 ml mug matches the Starbucks ‘venti’ size. If you want to ensure your logo mug stands out from the other options in the cupboard, go for the 590 ml. It’s a luxurious size that says you’re serious about your cup of coffee or tea. Check this one out: 

Norse 590 ml copper vacuum insulated bottle 

Someone Didn’t Get the Memo 

The standard size mug size is still listed as 240–350 ml. However, one might conclude from coffee culture and Starbucks speak that the average mug size range could easily be updated to more like 350–590 ml. Until then, caffeinate often, promote shamelessly and resist the lure of the trenta. 


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