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Why Pens for Advertising Are Great for Your Small Business

If you’re looking to get more customers for your small business, using pens for advertising is a proven tactic. Pens for marketing deliver daily visibility for your name, and are useful to customers over a long period of time. Pens are part of daily life, and with so many options for style, function and price, using pens for marketing purposes makes good business sense.

The best pens for marketing bring attention among customers as well as prospects. Features on your promotional pen such as a modern design, bright colours and elegant details get the attention of your recipient, as well as those who see an impressive pen in use.

The Link Between Small Business and Promotional Pens

If you’re a small business, using pens for marketing purposes is even more important. When you advertise your product, service, school or charity, you might be competing against bigger brands that have larger budgets. But most consumers are looking for alternatives to big business.

Today’s consumer is actively interested in supporting small businesses and local businesses. Consumers want to find you and the best pens for marketing are designed to help. According to data from Dimensional Research: 

  • 91% of customers prefer buying from a small business when they can.
  • 74% of customers will make extra effort to support a small or medium-size business.
  • 77% say they are willing to pay more for a product from a small business.

Consumers like the personal service they get from smaller businesses. Use the power of branded pens for marketing to connect with customers and keep your name in mind. Check out the best pens for marketing your small business. These pens for advertising help customers find you, remember you and be part of your success:   

Best Pens for Marketing by Direct Mail

Going through post can be a laborious task. Your recipients will welcome the sight of post that includes a promotional pen free of charge from a local business or service provider. Look for a pen that is lightweight and priced for mass distribution. Check out these lightweight, low-priced, high-visibility pens for marketing via direct mail:

Colour Block Raven Pen: Exceptionally low-priced, and so clickable! Pick the trim that suits your style and stand out in the post.

Full Colour Colourama Extreme Pen: With over 200 design templates to choose from, this click-top pen can be customised just the way you want.

Best Promotional Pens for the Planet

More and more customers associate smaller businesses with products and services that are more sustainable, recyclable and responsibly sourced. Extend your branding reach to include pens for advertising that reflect your core values. We like these:

Aloha Bamboo Pen: This elegant, twist-action pen features a bamboo barrel, chrome trim and a textured rubber grip. Bamboo is a natural, fast-growing plant that requires little water and few nutrients to grow.

Full Colour Inkjet Recycled Plastic Zia Pen: Made from 100% recycled plastic, this click-top pen features your logo in full colour on the translucent barrel.

Best Pens for Multitasking

Keep your brand visible longer when you give a pen that does more. Features such as multiple ink colours, light-up tips and stylus tops mean more reasons to keep your personalised gift in daily use. Check out these popular options:

Mineral Soft Touch Lucina 4-Ink Stylus Pen: This trendy pen for daily advertising includes a stylus plus four ink options including blue, black, red and green. Tip: Shop all our branded multi-ink pens to find the perfect style for you.

Lantern Pen with Stylus Tip: This branded pen for marketing is a lantern, a stylus and a ballpoint pen all in one. The best pens for marketing grab attention, and this one catches the eye with modern barrel colours and multiple functions your recipients can use daily. Tip: Shop our full collection of branded light up pens and stylus pens for advertising, and keep your customers writing, swiping and lighting with your small business in mind.

Best Luxury Branded Pens for Marketing

For the occasions that matter most, such as weddings, anniversaries and reunions, a branded luxury pen makes your event extra meaningful. Honour special employees and valued customers with an heirloom pen that will demonstrate your brand integrity for generations to come. Check out these examples, each with their own unique appeal and price point:

Waterman® Expert Ballpoint Pen: This luxury pen for advertising will promote your small business and recognise the most valued clients and occasions.

Soft Touch Athos Gel Pen & Torch Gift Set: A capped pen adds a touch of sophistication to this sleek gift set. Additional features of this gel-ink pen set include a soft touch finish and matching torch, all presented in a gift box. 

Tip: Shop our full collection of branded engraved pens  and branded rose gold pens to find the perfect promotional pen for elegant branding.

Best Pens for Advertising on a Budget

Successful small business owners are diligent about managing budgets. Some of the best pens for marketing purposes are designed to get your name noticed while keeping your expenditure low. Check these out:

Classic Partisan Pen: This two-tone click-action pen delivers all the impact your small business deserves, without going over budget.

Full Colour Colourama Pen with Textured Grip: This pen for advertising lets you customise from a choice of over 100 design templates, including industry, appreciation and special events.

Tip: For more of the best pens for marketing purposes at affordable prices, shop our collection of branded Bic® pens

Prepare for Year-Round Advertising with the Best Pens for Marketing

Keep promotional pens on hand for occasions of all kinds. Offer branded pens for marketing as gifts with purchase, at trade shows and to new employees. Remind customers your small business makes every transaction more personal when you give a promotional pen for marketing.

Looking for a specific style? Explore all our collections of pens for advertising and you’ll be sure to find the perfect match for your small business. 



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