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    Monochrome Gifts

    Add elegance to your marketing with sleek, monochrome theme gifts.

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    Why We Love Customised Monochrome Gifts of All Kinds

    Monochrome is a timeless style with special appeal in today’s fast-paced world of flashing colours and changing trends. The simple, calming look of monochrome catches the eye! Whether you customise a monochrome gel pen, bottle or another monochrome theme promotional gift, make your brand look elegant and your recipient feel special with the sleek look of a monochrome gift.

    What Is the Monochrome Design Style?

    The monochrome theme is a style that uses one colour or shades of one colour to create a cohesive and stylish look throughout a product, outfit or piece of art.

    Why Are Personalised Monochrome Gifts Popular for Marketing?

    Gifts with a monochrome colour such as monochrome pens, drinkware and bags continue to be popular for all kinds of branding occasions, including special events, anniversaries, client gifts and employee appreciation. Key advantages of monochrome theme gifts include:

    • Versatile: Customised monochrome gifts match many different logo styles and types of recipients. The visually sleek look appeals to a broad audience and can look sophisticated or casually stylish depending upon the product and how it is worn. For instance, a monochrome backpack used for school and work adds an urban chic look. A monochrome gel pen gives a business-friendly look to a vivid gel ink pen.
    • Timeless: Though some colour combinations are only trendy for a while, the monochrome design is here to stay! If you are looking to stock up on monochrome pens or other monochrome gifts to distribute at a wide range of events and also to different recipients in different seasons, the monochrome design choice is always a safe bet.
    • Sleek: The monochrome theme evokes feelings of peace, cleanliness and serenity. If you customise a monochrome gift in a bright colour such as red or purple, you can present a vibrant colour in a sophisticated way.

    What Kinds of Promotional Products Come in a Monochrome Theme?

    Monochrome design can be applied to all kinds of promotional products, including writing instruments like monochrome gel pens, ballpoint pens, rollerball pens and mechanical pencils. Popular finishes for monochrome pens include mineral colours such as rose gold, gold, silver, steel blue and gunmetal grey. You will also see customised monochrome gifts in the drinkware category such as tumblers with the lid, tumbler and attached straw all in different shades of the same colour.

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