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    Full Colour Print Products

    Whether you choose full colour printed pens or bags, your logo will be front and center. Whether you choose full colour printed pens or bags, your logo will be front and center. Whether you choose full colour printed pens or bags, your logo will be front and center. see less

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    165 products
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    What Are Full Colour Print Promotional Products?

    Good question! We take your favourite promotional products and place your full colour logo on them. With a full colour print, you’re getting a whole lot more attention on your logo, which is exactly the goal of promotional products. We like to think of it as an inexpensive billboard for your company!

    We offer a variety of full colour logo products, from custom pens and pencils to bags to PPE items. Let’s find the right full colour print products for your company or cause!

    What Should I Put in My Full Colour Logo?

    There are so many options and ideas out there for your full colour logo, so let’s start with the basics.

    First, you’ll want to include your:

    ● Business name (whether that’s printed out or in a design)

    ● Your logo (if you have one)

    ● Your contact information (phone number, website, address, etc.)

    Next, here are some additional ideas to really make your full colour printed pens or products stand out:

    ● Your tagline or slogan

    ● An inspirational quote

    ● A promotion you’re running

    You’ll see the amount of imprint lines listed in the product specifications so you can make sure your full colour print looks its best.

    Are Full Colour Printed Pens Good for Businesses?

    Absolutely! First, people love to receive pens as a gift because they’re so useful. That’s the exact type of gift you want to give your customers, employees, and prospects, not something that they’ll use once and place in a junk drawer to never be seen again.

    Plus, because they’re so useful, that means your full colour printed pens will be in use every day and in sight on desks, in meetings, at banks--essentially, everywhere. And again, because your full colour logo will be so eye-catching, you’re likely to get even more impressions.

    Do You Offer Full Colour Logo PPE Products?

    PPE products have become a mainstay in our daily lives, so it makes sense that there are now personalised versions. These are thoughtful products to share with your employees and customers because they show that you’re thinking about their wellbeing.

    We now offer custom face masks that feature your full colour print.You can choose from disposable or reusable cotton face masks to fit your needs.

    Antibacterial hand gels and sanitisers are another option that people will reach for every single day. From spray pens to credit card-shaped sanitisers, they will not only offer peace of mind for your team but also highlight your full colour logo.

    We’re looking forward to your full colour print order and can’t wait to see how much your customers love their gifts!


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