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What Your Desk Says About You Quiz

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Desk Personality Findings

If someone walked by your desk, what would be the first word that would come to mind? Messy? Immaculate? Piles? Everyone has a unique desk personality, which may give insight into how you like to work and organize.

What your desk says about you includes organizational and multi-tasking skills – and even your creativity skills. For example, highly creative people may have desks overflowing with paperwork, knickknacks and pens – but in a way that makes complete sense to them. It is said that Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein had messy desk personalities.

Detail-oriented people may have tidier desks with everything in its rightful place. They’ll notice right away if you move their keyboard or if something is missing from their desk.

Can we really depend on our desks to reflect an accurate extension of our personalities? What do you think your desk says about you? Now you can find out by taking our fun, interactive quiz and see if you (and your co-workers) agree with what the results have to say!