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5 Holiday Gifts Your Prospects Will Actually Use

It happens every year—there’s a lonely corporate holiday gift left sitting around that no one wants or uses. Maybe it’s a hard-as-a-rock fruitcake (too obvious) or popcorn from those oversized tins that turn your fingertips orange (no thanks). Or maybe it’s a gift card to a place you’ve never heard of (and an hour out of the way).

Gifts for prospects should engage their interest and draw them in, and, if all goes well (you’ve got this!), turn them into a long-term customer. Not sure where to get started? Well, you’re in luck—we’ve compiled our list of five holiday gifts prospects will actually use.

Make the Write Move with the Meissa Journal & Pen Set

Sure, we all have smartphones and laptops these days, but sometimes note-taking is just better the old-fashioned way of putting pen to paper.

In fact, a recent study from the smart folks at Scientific American suggests that we retain more information when we write it down by hand than by keying it into the computer. Something about how writing with a pen forces the brain to slow down, work harder, and thus retain more.

There’s even slow-growing trend where businesses are prohibiting electronics from the conference room in order to table distractions and interruptions.

So hand out this journal with pen set imprinted with your logo to business prospects this holiday. It even comes with its own pen and little penholder because who has time to look around for a pen when it’s meeting time?

Keep Holding on with This Sticky Note and Calendar Caddy

We know what you’re thinking. Post-it notes as a gift? (Stick with us here!) Yes, this promotional sticky note and calendar caddy makes an excellent gift because your prospects write on and put up stickies all the time (even though they might not realize it).

Your prospects post stickies on their laptops, smartphones, desktops, office walls, dashboards, and refrigerator door handles. What’s the most annoying thing about sticky notes? That they unintentionally glob onto each other and get all gunky in your purse or desktop drawer.

This covered caddy solves this pesky problem by protecting the stickies and keeping them tidy. Tucked away in their case these stickies are set and ready when your prospects need to jot down when to finalize that big deal with you.

Better yet, this caddy has two sides so just when they think they’ve almost gone through the stack, they can just flip it over for a complete second batch. How cool is that?

It’s in the Bag with the Gangway Tote Bag

Skip the gift bag and have the bag itself be the gift. It’s a fact that polyester tote bags are used so much that the logos on them get looked at nearly 6,000 times. Need another reason to give prospects reusable totes?

In Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and a growing number of cities, you’re charged a dime for not bringing your own sack. Reusable totes are practically required by social mandate as using a disposable plastic bag puts you at risk of being bag shamed online (and by the cashier at the natural food sto

From grocery shopping to running errands, your prospects will take it (and your logo!) everywhere. For an added bonus, fill it with edible goodies, office essentials, water bottles, or other small items.

Stay the Course with Full Color Calendar Magnets

Paper calendars still hold their own. Turns out, it’s easier to map out the week ahead by looking at a posted calendar than by searching for your phone, entering your passcode, finding your calendar app, opening said app, etc.

In a recent write-up, The New York Times reported that most households – 75 percent – still have a paper calendar in their kitchen. Despite our reliance on smartphones, computers, and apps, most people either prefer paper calendars or use them in concert with digital ones.

So send your prospects full color calendar magnets for the fridge this year. They’re lightweight and sized right so you can slip them into Christmas cards or end-of-year promotional mailings. Prospects will appreciate the holiday cheer and will be reminded of your brand for 365 days.

Light the Way with This Promotional Magnetic Light Bar

Give prospects a gift that shows you care. No, not in a Hallmark kind of way but in a leave-the-lights-on, get-home-safely, kind of way.

More than security, this promotional magnetic bar light solves the “can you hold this for me?” problem of ordinary flashlights. Because one end of the bar is magnetized, it serves as an extra hand to hold the bright light for you (without getting tired). You can even push a button to opt between a flashing or steady beam of light.

Now through your gift, you can be there for your prospects whether they need a light when camping or want to feel safe during a power outage.

Useful Holiday Gifts for Prospects Outperform Ornamental Ones Every Time 

So whatever holiday gift you offer prospects this year, make sure it has functional, wear-it-out appeal. After all, 77% of people say “usefulness” is the number one reason they keep a promotional gift. And as long as you focus on usefulness, you can be sure your holiday gift will be the one that’s eagerly anticipated.

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