Nonprofit Promotional Items: Gain the Support You Need to Help More People

Charitable organizations are built on vision. To see that vision through, you need funds. That’s why networking and acquiring donors is vital to the growth of nonprofits. Marketing plays a huge role in taking nonprofits from sustaining to succeeding. One of the best ways to do that is by using nonprofit promotional items to gain exposure. The more people know about your mission, the more generosity you’re likely to inspire.

It’s seems a little odd to talk about nonprofit swag. Will promotional totes really help raise your backing? Well, in short: yes! Nonprofit promotional items can be used in two ways. You can give them away as a means of spreading the word about the work you’re doing, or you can use them as incentives. In other words, each person who donates to your cause may receive a personalized pen, travel mug, or backpack depending on the size of their donation.

Let’s cover the best ways to use nonprofit promotional items to both elevate brand awareness and incentivize giving. These nonprofit marketing ideas should serve as inspiration, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out our list of promotional gift ideas to see how you can best fit the gift to your cause or industry.

Nonprofit Promotional Items to Give Away

For giveaways to work, they need to get in the right hands and catch the eyes of potential donors. Whether you have a vendor booth at an event, or you’re spreading the word at a cause-related campaign, this is the nonprofit swag you want to bring with you.

Colorful Pens

Custom pens are the perfect giveaway to get your organization’s message in the hands of your audience. With tons of vibrant, full color designs to choose from, you can stylize the Contour Pen to fit your organization and draw the eyes of potential donors.

Carabiner Keychains

Running a nonprofit can be an uphill battle. Show potential donors that you’re prepared for the climb by handing out these branded Carabiner Elite Keychains. Great for keys, backpacks, purses, and more importantly, for getting your name out there.

Custom Stickers

Everyone loves a free sticker, especially when it celebrates and supports a cause they believe in. Hand out the White Gloss Paper Circle Label “4 x 4” featuring your logo in full color. That way they can promote your organization on their laptops, folders, cars, or wherever they choose to stick it.

Nonprofit Promotional Items for Fundraisers

The nonprofits that people donate to mean a lot to them. So it makes sense that they’d want to show off their association with this organization. Nonprofit swag is a great way to do that. When fundraising, give donors a variety of thank you gifts that they can receive depending on the size of their donation. This shows that you value all of your supporters, and motivates them to make larger contributions for better thank you gifts.

Custom Hats

For those who truly identify with your cause, there’s no better way to make a fashion statement than with a hat honoring your organization. Offering these Pro-Lite Deluxe II Caps in exchange for mid-tier donations will increase your marketing visibility, and let donors wear their support.

Drawstring Bags

Another great option for lower tier donations are promotional drawstring bags and totes. This Non-Woven Sports Pack will highlight your branding and prove useful to donors. At only a $1.59 each, you can generate lots of donations at little cost to your nonprofit.

Personalized Travel Mugs

What makes that first morning coffee even better? Getting to sip it from the travel mug you received for donating to your favorite nonprofit. Donors will appreciate this gift, and you’ll appreciate the extra marketing your organization will get. Putting your logo or nonprofit name on the Customized Stainless Steel Gripper Bottle will boost your exposure at all the places your donors bring it.

Gift Sets for Larger Donations

To draw in generous donations, you’ll want to provide a larger gift. This personalized gift set is an ideal nonprofit promotional item to say thank you. There’s something for everyone to love in The Essential Perfect 10 Gift Set, which will make it a popular incentive at fundraising events.


How do you plan on promoting your nonprofit? If you use any of these suggestions, show us on Facebook or Instagram! We’d love to see how you’re advocating for a better community, and using nonprofit promotional items to do it.

Jessica Carreiro

Jessica is a copywriter and journalist based out of San Diego, CA.

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