Congrats! Let’s Get You Prepped with 6 Grand Opening Giveaways & Products

Before we get into the best grand opening giveaway items, let’s pause for a second and give you a round of applause. Seriously—opening your own business is no small feat, and we congratulate you!

To make the promotional products side of your grand opening a little bit easier, we’ve come up with the top ideas you’ll need.

Grand Opening Items to Promote Your New Business

Before you open the doors to your business, there are certain grand opening products that help get the word out and maximize your advertising budget. We’ve picked these specifically because you can use them after you open as well!

 #1 Banners & Signs

Advertising your up-coming grand opening is key, and banners and signs will point potential customers in the right direction. We like the idea of getting a few signs and placing them on the surrounding blocks to let people know you’re in the neighborhood.

Double Sided 6′ Tear Drop Sail Sign

#2 Auto Magnets

Whether or not you offer delivery, auto magnets are an easy and affordable way to market your business. Slap them on your car, and ask if you can do the same on the cars of friends and family–these grand opening items are also water-resistant and UV stable for outdoor use so they won’t fade.

Small Car Magnet

#3 Custom Printed Pens

From signing receipts to taking inventory, custom pens will always be used. We always recommend grand opening products that can achieve multiple goals, like these pens that are personalized with your business card. Before your store opens, drop them off at local banks and other businesses who have a sense of community.

Business Card Contour Pen

Grand Opening Giveaways to Pass Out to Customers

Now that you’ve brought people into your store—let’s talk about what you should choose for grand opening giveaway items. These are gifts essentially, so you want them to be high enough quality to feel special, but affordable enough to pass out to everyone who joins the grand opening celebration.

#4 Promotional Tote Bags

If you only get one thing from our list of grand opening giveaway items, make it a custom tote bag. Not only do tote bags promote shopping while in your store, your customers will use them over and over again in public. That’s a lot of impressions for a low cost!

Large Shopping Tote

#5 Apparel

C’mon, who doesn’t love a free t-shirt? These custom t-shirts do double duty as grand opening giveaways, but also as uniforms for your store employees. We stock tons of colors, and give you plenty of space for your logo!

Gildan® Ultra Cotton® T-Shirt

#6 Promotional Drinkware

It wouldn’t be a party without a toast, right? Give customers a personalized champagne flute to cheers at the grand opening and take home with them after the celebration.

Nuance Collection Flute Glass

Congrats again on your store! We’re looking forward to partnering with you on your grand opening products—and getting an invite to the big day *wink, wink*.

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