Analytics: Customer Shopping Times

Customer behavior is very important analytical data that can be used to help boost business. Whether your business is on the web or you have a store, it is very important to pay attention to your customers. I have a feeling that many people have web analytics installed on their website but never really dig in deep to study information. While it can be time consuming, you may just find something to help your business. Today.s specific topic in analytics is reviewing the times (hours) which your customers visit your site or store and also what time they usually purchase items.

Knowing when your customers visit your store or site and when they purchase allows you to do a few things. If you know when your customers primarily visit your store or site, you can offer specials or sales during certain hours. Also, if you have certain hours or days where sales are slow, you can offer something special during those hours or days to boost sales. For example, if you notice, many restaurants have specials early in the week, like Taco Tuesdays. This is because people tend to eat out later in the week around Thursday through Saturday. Another example is stores or websites offering a great deal until noon.

One example that I constantly think of is Baskin Robbins. Baskin Robbins started offering $1 scoops on Tuesday evenings. Most stores near me started this deal originally at 6pm. However, it got changed to 5pm. Why is this? Well, when I think about it, most people get off work sometime between 5pm and 6pm. It would be convenient for them to start earlier, so people can stop by right after work instead of either waiting until 6pm to leave work or have to go home and then go out again. Also, if you are bringing kids to get ice cream, kids get off school much earlier in the day. For the same reason, the earlier they start it, the better. I bet Baskin Robbin.s sales increased so much more after they moved it to 5pm. In fact, that makes me even more likely to go get ice cream after work on Tuesdays.

Analytics are very important to every business. Take some time to analyze your customer behavior this week to see how you can drive those additional sales!