Are You Expecting Too Much from Your Promotional Letter Opener?

Everyone gets letters. From younger to older, artist to accountant, day in and day out, envelopes arrive and demand to be opened. Could be a wedding invitation, a utility bill, or an unsolicited offer to refinance. But it’s all got to be opened and a letter opener can make the process faster, more elegant, and maybe even more fun. And if you add your company, cause, or campaign to this helpful tool, it’s a win-win for giver and recipient. Heck, a promotional letter opener is like having your customer pick up your business card whenever the postal carrier rings the doorbell. Amazing!

But not so fast.

Letters and Boxes Deserve Their Own Tools

This Letter Opener, one of our best sellers, opens any envelope and is also the perfect size for a direct mail campaign. But it won’t help with duct tape, filament tape, or electrical tape. If you’re advertising your moving services, this is not the promotional piece for you.

Promotional Letter Opener

Don’t Send a Letter Opener to Do a Box Cutter’s Job

If you want your name on a tool that will cut through the most Houdini-esque packaging, we suggest something like this Box Cutter/Scraper; this Small Snap Off Blade Cutter; or this equally appealing Safety Cutter Key Tag.

Customized Safety Cutter Key Tag

Box Cutter and Scraper with Logo

Promotional Small Snap Off Blade Cutter


P.S. To get through gorilla tape and layer upon layer of tightly wrapped bubble wrap, one of these custom knives is sure to save the day. `

Letter Opener Types: To Cut or to Rip

If you’re looking to advertise on a straight-up letter opener that promises to extract mail from its envelope with a simple swish, you have but one choice to make: to cut or to rip—that is, blade or no blade. There’s no definitive user manual on how to use a letter opener, but there are two styles of opener, each aiming at a different action and outcome.

The Blade Style Letter Opener

A letter opener like the Office Duo Letter Opener with Staple Pull is designed to cut through the top edge of the envelope, where the flap folds down. Notice the blade? That tells you this is a cutter, not a ripper. In the cutter category, we also like this Letter Opener with Sticky Note Flags. So practical!

Promotional Office Duo Letter Opener with Staple Pull

Custom Letter Opener with Sticky Note Flags

The No-Blade Style Letter Opener

On the other hand, letter openers like the one in this Deluxe Paragon Pen Gift Set are designed to rip the top edge of the envelope, where the flap folds down. This style of letter opener looks more elegant, more old-fashioned. Your recipient won’t have to worry about getting a paper cut from an envelope opened with a ripper.

Customized Deluxe Paragon Pen Gift Set

If There’s a Letter to Open, You’re Winning

Whichever style you choose, as long as the postal service keeps posting you can feel good about the promotional power of the age-old letter opener.

Check out all our letter opener promotional products here.

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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