Best Corporate Gift Baskets Ideas

When you’re a good gift giver, you have a standard to uphold. You need to wow, surprise, and, most of all, top the last present you gave. That’s a lot of pressure—especially when the recipients are your employees, business partners, and clients. Protect your gifting reputation with a reliable favorite: corporate gift baskets.

These are made to impress everyone on your business gift list. And best of all, you can choose pre-made gift baskets for customers or get creative and build your own with personalized corporate food gifts. We’ll cover our favorite giveaway basket ideas to help you make a big statement without having to turn into a basket case.   

Ingredients for Great Corporate Gift Baskets

Packing a gift basket is a thing of art. It’s a careful balance of having enough elements to feel complete, and at least one gift that feels truly special. To create that standout item, go with something personalized. Seeing your logo and message of thanks on a gift will show recipients you care. Let’s take a look at the top presents for making branded gift baskets:

0.75 oz. Ground Coffee Bag

How better to create a buzz than with coffee and a big red bow? This gourmet ground coffee bag comes with your custom card, and is guaranteed to be the hit of any basket.

1 Gallon Trio Popcorn Tin

What are the holidays without the trio popcorn tin? They’re sweet, savory, and somehow always gone too soon. But when you customize the tin with your company logo, your keepsake will stick around.

Advent Calendar

If you’re building corporate holiday gift baskets, advent calendars are a must. They let you wish recipients a happy holiday in the best way possible, with chocolate!

Cookie & Coffee Gift Set

Give the gift of cozy mornings with this coffee and coffee gift set. Even after the last crumb is gone, recipients will continue to enjoy their coffees in your personalized mug.

Rise & Shine Gift Set

With many working from home, this is one corporate food gift that will get tons of use. Give all the fun desk essentials in one with the Rise & Shine Gift Set: chocolate snacks, a trendy mug, lip balm, mints, and coffee grinds.

Tip: See our new infographic on the best gifts for executives and business partners!

See how easy it is to create your own corporate gift baskets? Maintain all your gifting glory and your sanity too with these simple ideas. And if you’re feeling inspired, go check out even more logo items and promotional holiday gifts to fill your basket with.

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