Best Custom Coffee Mugs and Travel Tumblers for Hot Branding in Cold Weather

If you’re thinking about adding your logo, ad message, or special event to a coffee mug this season, you’re off to a good start with a popular promotional product. Ninety percent of consumers own a branded mug,1 and when you add your name to one of the best custom coffee mugs or tea tumblers, your name is bound to be seen more often. So knowing what’s hot in hot drinkware pays off, especially if you’re a smaller business and you need to hit a branding homerun with every promotional investment. We’ve curated the short list in trending custom coffee mugs so you can customize with confidence.  

A Few Tidbits About the Particular Joy that Comes from Coffee Mugs and Tea Cups

The best custom coffee mugs are part of a timeless tradition. Ahhhh, the comforting feel of holding a warm cup on a cold day…meditation in the hand…the adult version of a baby blanket…heat and caffeine as morning medicine. Whatever your reaction to a hot beverage when it’s cold outside, it’s probably positive. A few historical notes about these ever-popular vessels for hot drinks: 

  • Look, Ma, No Handle: Historically, most Asian tea cups have no handles while most Western cups have a looped handle. Many Asian cultures opt for no handle because if the cup is too hot to hold, the tea is too hot to drink. Nomadic cultures from before 1000 B.C. could more easily pack, stack, and place cups with no handles. Moroccan and Turkish cultures have used small glass cups with matching saucers, with tiny spoons for stirring in sugar. In Russian culture, the glass cups are placed in a metal holder.2 The Basecamp® Sequoia Coffee Mug features a no-handle style, a trendy powder finish, and a locking lid for hot drinks on the go.
  • Smaller Portions for Special Sipping: Some sippers prefer smaller portions (some as small as two ounces!) to capture freshly brewed taste and to extend the social aspects of beverage preparation and sharing. This two-tone Aztec Spooner Mug – 8oz is designed for smaller portions and even includes a spoon for stirring.
  • My Cup Is Full of Emptiness: Do you know that in Zen teachings, an empty cup represents a readiness to learn, grow, and experience new ideas? So when you finish that hot tea, coffee, or cocoa, your cup is empty and you’re ready for what’s next. (What’s next for us is the best custom coffee mugs for your next campaign. Let’s get gulping!)

Different Kinds of Trending Custom Coffee Mugs

From glass to stainless steel, ceramic to recycled plastic, the best custom coffee mugs include myriad styles and materials:  

Best Recycled and Responsibly Sourced Custom Coffee Mugs

In support of your inclination toward sustainable materials like RPET and natural trim like bamboo, did you know that 46% of customers have a more favorable opinion of an advertiser if the promo product they received was environmentally friendly?3 Check out these contemporary additions to our collection of the best custom coffee mugs:  

14 oz. Ceramic Mug with Cork Base: The cork base gives a natural look and feel while the lid keeps hot beverages safe and warm.  

16 oz. Grande Wheat Straw Coffee Cup: A speckled look for trendy style, and made of sustainable wheat straw mixed with plastic for reduced waste.  

Best Custom Ceramic Mugs

Classic meets contemporary with these trending custom coffee mugs in ceramic. Modern additions include spill-reducing lids, natural trim, and wraparound design templates: 

Design Wrap 15 oz. Black Ceramic Mug: There’s no reason to hold back when you have this much space to promote your brand. Customize to your heart’s content on this design wrap ceramic mug featuring the trendiest design templates including themes like super heroes and even Van Gogh!  

Grotto Ceramic Mug – 16 oz: Anti-spill lid, natural wood trim, and stainless steel detail make this a mug ahead of its time. 

Best Custom Campfire Mugs

For that cozy feel of sitting around the campfire or the fun of tailgating at a sporting event, these campfire-themed trending custom coffee mugs bring good vibes, and your brand, to events where memories are made. 

16 oz. Enamel Campfire Mug: Fill this two-tone enamel mug with a fresh brewed coffee, steeped tea, or a hot toddy to warm up any outdoor (or indoor!) event.   

15 oz. Ceramic Scouts Campfire Mug: A modern twist to the classic tin campfire mug, this one keeps drinks hot and hands warm.  

17 oz. Stainless Steel Noe Camp Mug with Lid: No need for a warm-up when your camp mug is double-walled with heat-keeping lid. Attach your brand to this powder-finish camp mug and your customer’s the coolest (and warmest) in the crowd.  

Best Custom Glass Mugs

Glass mugs are a natural classic, from diners to fine dining. These take the cake when it comes to the best custom coffee mug for your event:  

Clear Glass Coffee Mug – 13 oz: Traditional is the new trendy in this back-to-basics glass coffee mug. It’s just as comfortable in a conference room or a funky café.  

Thumbprint Tankard Mug – 12.5 oz: Whether filled with a cold beer or an Irish coffee, this mug warms the heart and promotes your business when there’s a chill in the air.  

Find the Best Custom Coffee Mug or Tea Cup for Your Business

Top mug trends during cold season include natural trim, powder finish, two-tone colors, and design wrap styles. Shop our full collection of custom coffee mugs and tea cups to find the perfect match for your budget, event, and target audience. 


Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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