Custom Grip Pens & the Best Soft Grip Pens for Promoting Your Business

There’s nothing better than a custom grip pen to keep your name in hand, top of mind, and ready to be referenced at the drop of a hat. Scratch that. There is one better thing: a custom gel pen with grip. But that might just be me, and others of my ilk who are partial to the smooth flow and vivid color of a gel ink pen. The bottom line is this: add an awesome grip to any pen and your recipient’s going to have just a little more fun writing with it. And that, by definition, increases air time for your message on the barrel.

Promotional Grip Pens that Keep Customers Cozy and Your Name Top of Mind

When it comes to advertising your small business, the best soft grip pens are those with compelling features like a full color logo, wraparound imprint, an established brand name (think Bic pens with grips), or dual functionality like a flashlight or stylus tip. For an ergonomic grip on a “pick me” custom grip pen, check out these winners:

Full Color Contour Pen: One can’t do better in a promotional grip pen than a full color, fully customizable barrel, SmoothWrite™ Ink, budget-friendly price, and a contoured rubber comfort grip for a completely pleasing writing—and branding—experience.

Newport Gel Pen: Here’s a smooth gel pen with grip that’s trimmed in chrome and features a ribbed rubber grip with color-matched barrel and cap for nothing but sleekness from top to bottom.  

Metallic Splendor Pen: With its smooth lines, contemporary metallic color options, and comfortable rubber grip, this is one of our best soft grip pens when it comes to mass appeal, great price, and pleasant writing all day.

Parfait Pen: Infuse your custom grip pen with a pop of vibrant color with this cheery number, accented with a back pocket clip and matching rubber grip. 

Cabaret Flashlight Pen with Stylus Tip: The ergonomic grip on this three-in-one wonder is the perfect addition to a promotional grip pen that promises to be used on the daily.

Full Color Contour Stylus Pen: This custom grip pen has all the features you need to keep your name in hand: a large barrel that displays your logo in wraparound full color, a precision stylus, and of course, a soft rubber comfort grip for extended writing and more brand exposure. 

Ridgeline Pen: Beyond the awesome first impression you’ll make with your logo on this smooth, click-action pen with a silver barrel and chrome trim, your recipients will love the cozy feel of the deeply ridged rubber grip.

Basset Pen: Check out the ergonomic shape, compelling colors, and contemporary design of this click-action, translucent-barreled, budget-friendly option.

Bic® Intensity® Gel Pen: Here’s an ergonomic gel pen with grip that leverages the Bic® brand’s well-earned reputation for quality to advance your own. Add to that a translucent barrel that draws the eye, and a comfort grip for longer writing, and your promotional grip pen passes all tests with flying colors.

Keep Your Brand On Hand With Custom Grip Pens

Can’t get enough of a grip that whispers “pick me!” every time? Browse our myriad custom grip pens, from gel ink to multi-ink, from widebody barrel to squiggle clip click-top, and give your recipients a well-deserved break from cramped fingers as you advertise your small business. 

P.S. For more on custom gel pens and gel pens with grips, check out our blog, What Is a Gel Pen & What Are Gel Pens Best Used For?

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