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Best Marketing Colors: Why White Pens Are Red Hot Right Now

Shopping for custom white pens to promote your company at the customer service counter? Slam dunk. Looking for a customized white tumbler to tuck into new employee orientation kits? Good on ya. Handing out a branded white tote at your next industry event? Can’t go wrong.  

When it comes to advertising your name so it gets noticed and remembered, white pens for marketing are more popular than ever. Not only does white provide great contrast that helps your name stand out. it also tends to go with everything and everyone, making it a safe choice no matter what your industry, event, or target customer. When it comes to keeping your brand fresh, a minimal aesthetic is in right now, and white leads the way in design that’s clean, crisp, and spare. 

Below we unpack the power of white pens, drinkware, totes, and other promotional products to provide the perfect billboard for your branding.  

What Gives White Ballpoint Pens and Other White Promotional Products Their Appeal?

A few facts about white that will help explain the perpetual appeal of all things snow and cloud colored. 

  • All Eyes on You: White objects reflect and scatter all the visible wavelengths of light. Because you can’t mix colors to create white, it is considered to represent the absence of color. White encourages the viewer to focus on whatever’s on, in, or around it. In the case of your promotional merch, that would be your messaging.
  • Conducive to Calm: White connotes a range of emotions and psychological reactions, most centered around variations of stillness. White can say peace, pure, innocent, clean, blank, empty, simple, minimal, or cold. White is aspirational and invites new thinking and a fresh look. These associations can be calming, attractive, and centering for the recipient of your white travel mug, canvas tote bag or pens for marketing your business, cause, or event.
  • Eureka! I Can See: For maximum contrast in a world of shades, filters, and “color noise”, white gives maximum legibility to what’s on it. That’s why stop signs are white on red, why book text is black on white, and why it’s easier to read small print on a bright white background (who knew your eye doctor was actually setting you up for success with those black and white reading cards this whole time?).

How Can I Best Use White for My Marketing Pens with Logo and Other Promotional Merchandise?

For your promotional products, the killer combo is choosing a white product and limiting the amount of text you include. Other tips when using white: 

  • No Need for a Light Show: A full color logo has unique appeal, but sometimes a one-color logo pops just as well against a white background. The aesthetic appeal of one rich color on a white background can draw viewers to your brand for its simplicity. Leverage the clean look of white by using a one-color version of your logo on some pieces.
  • Say Less: White space gets their attention, and fewer words keep it. If you have four lines of space for your imprint, consider using only two. This gives more attention to critical bits you want your recipient to remember, like your name, slogan, industry, or website. “Kelly’s Plumbing. We Clear Clogs.”
  • Contrast is King: Although subtle pairings like yellow on white look divine in art and fashion, they can be hard to read on a white shopping tote or white barrel pen. Choose metallic imprints or shades on the darker side for maximum visibility and legibility.

What Are Best-selling White Pens & Other White Merch?

Leverage the clean, aspirational associations of white to give your business a look that says new, now, and fresh.  

White Pens

Soft Touch Falon Slim Stylus Pen with Gold Mirrored Imprint: The mirrored imprint and gold trim draw attention to your branding on the bright white barrel. 

Full Color White Alpha Soft Touch Stylus Pen: Feature your logo in full color on the bright white billboard of this stylus pen’s barrel. 

Cirrus Pen: Clean, contemporary, and affordable, too!

Color Block Raven Pen: Customize this best-seller with a white barrel and contrasting trim for a pop of color that draws attention to your imprint.  

White Totes

Non-Woven Prism Tote Bag: Affordable chic! Match the trim color with your logo or text for a clean, streamlined look. 

Metallic Accent Addie Tote Bag: Metallic trim serves as a frame for your logo in the center of this bright white shopping tote.  

White Drinkware

14 oz. Tall Ceramic Campfire Mug: The white version of this campfire mug is packed with traditional charm and old school durability.  

16 oz. Wellington Stainless Steel Tumbler: This tumbler in white says your brand’s ultra modern and their drink’s piping hot. 

White’s On Trend, But Was It Ever Not?

In areas including fashion, paint, and home décor, white is a current crowd favorite. But it’s always been a clear winner when it comes to clean, crisp branding. When in doubt, white’s a safe choice that stands the test of time. For customized merchandise in particular, white provides a flawless background from which your messaging can pop.  

Check out more white options in our promotional products, and add a fresh start and a clean look to your personalized pieces.  

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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