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Share the Fun: Best Party Favors for Kids 3 to 15

Whether you’re planning the birthday party of the century or your company wants to host a special event for kids, party favors are a must for any big party. If you’re looking to host a company event, having branded party favors for kids is a great way to turn your logo into a family brand that kids and parents love. Either way, the smiles on the kids’ faces will definitely win you major points with the parents. Here are some of the best party favors for kids to get at any event. 

Party Favors for Kids 3-5

There’s no party like a party with preschoolers. Finally past the toddler stage and ready to run, climb, and (hopefully) no longer interested in eating wood chips, these kids bring a life to any party that is exciting and adorable. Fill up your goodie bags for kids with toys and giveaways they’ll love so they can take the party home with them. 

12″ Multi-Colored Beach Ball

Colorful and fun, these inflatable beach balls are the perfect size for kids to enjoy. One foot in diameter, these balls are on the smaller size for an adult, but not for preschoolers. Give these out at an outdoor party, pool party, or really any party! The air catch valve makes for easy inflation and seals flat to keep prying little fingers from deflating it. 

Flash N Glow Stick

Nothing mesmerizes little kids like flashing lights and glow sticks. This neat giveaway for kids combines both into one for the perfect nighttime accessory. Not only will the kids love this neat little toy, but it also works as a necklace and will help you keep track of your adventurous little ones during late night events. Pass these out at your next Fourth of July party, camping adventure, or New Year’s celebration.  

5K Mini Water Bottle – Full Color

Trying to keep little ones hydrated is tough, especially when water just isn’t as exciting as juice or chocolate milk. Make water the new favorite with a party-branded water bottle sized for tiny hands! These colorful little water bottles fit easily into small backpacks and make a great giveaway for outdoor events like camping, hikes, and any party that lasts longer than an hour.  

Square Fidget Push-Pop Stress Relief Toy

Looking to help your little ones stay still during a long event? These push pop fidgets offer a never-ending bubble wrap experience that curious fingers just can’t keep away from! Customize with your own party logo or company brand and give it to all of the littles at your party for a fidget that they can use at home, in the car, or anywhere they need a quiet outlet for their endless energy. 

6″ Plush Big Paw Bear with Shirt

There’s always room at your kids’ tea parties for one more fuzzy friend, and this fluffy teddy bear with a customizable t-shirt makes a great guest! Soft and friendly, this teddy is a dream party favor for any kid. To add to the fun, give this teddy bear along with a custom t-shirt the kids and adults can wear to match! Then all the kids will feel part of the party with their matching shirts and matching teddy bears. 

Rubber Duck

Make bath time a blast with this custom party rubber duck! Perfect for splashing around in a water party, or just something to enjoy at home, this ducky is a great giveaway for kids that will last for years. Make a splash at your next kids party with this super fun giveaway that anyone can enjoy.  

Party Favors for Kids 6-10

The perfect age for parties, kids ages six to ten have all of the energy of younger kids but with a greater capacity for self control. This means their giveaway options grow from impossible-to-swallow toys to more sophisticated gifts that challenge their creativity. Here are some of the best party favors for kids in their elementary school ages. 

Medley Multi-Ink Pen

Now that they’re reading and writing, these kids are ready for some pens. Perfect for writing, doodling, and colorful scribbles, these multi-ink pens are popular at scholastic fairs for a reason! Help encourage those writing muscles by including one of these trendy pens in your next set of goodie bags for kids. 

16″ Sport Beach Ball

While this age of kids spends more time in the classroom, they still love playing outside! Give them something to enjoy with friends with one of these custom sports balls. You can choose from a variety of styles, including basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, and more! These giveaways make perfect goodie bag stuffers for outdoor events and all sorts of parties. 

Small Discus

A simple yet versatile toy, these custom discuses are another great giveaway for kids that want to play outside. Of course, at this age where imaginative play is at its peak, these sporty discs are also often used as plates for mud pies, shields for medieval battles, hats for soldiers, and so much more! Affordable and endlessly fun, these toys are a no-brainer to include in any goodie bag for kids. 

1.33 oz Round Bubble Dispenser

Perfect for kids and parties, these personal bubble dispensers are the perfect gift for fun-loving kids. Your little party guests can wear these as a necklace and share the bubbly fun with everyone around them. When they get home, the party just keeps going, and you can refill the containers with your own soap and water mixture for endless bubbles anytime you need them! 

Original Bend-A-Pen

Give these kids a buddy to help them through their homework with these super fun and flexible pens! Kids can enjoy twisting these pens into all sorts of poses for waving hello, clapping, dancing, and more! Kids will enjoy the interactive nature of this gift that will also encourage a sense of fun while they write. 

Party Favors for Kids 11-15

These little tweens and teenagers still have that youthful energy, but aren’t going to want the same sorts of toys that they did when they were five. These kids look for something that will help them feel a little more “grown up” while still carrying that whimsical sense of fun. Here are some of the best party favors for kids that are hitting their early teens. 

MopToppers® Stylus Pen

Now that they’re more likely to have their own phone, these writing buddies make a great gift thanks to their stylus tip for writing on touch screens. Even the silly mop of hair on the head of the pen works as a screen cleaner! Fun and functional, this pen makes for a great gift for kids looking to enjoy grown-up stuff in their own child-like way. 

24 oz. Translucent Sport Bottle with Pull Top Lid

Hydration, hydration, hydration! While these kids are hitting some major growth spurts, they’re going to need to learn to hydrate on their own. Help them feel cool and sporty while keeping water close with this trendy giveaway, perfect for any kind of party. Kids will enjoy taking these water bottles along with them at school, out with their friends, and more. 

Soft Touch 3 LED Flashlight Keychain

Now that your kids are old enough to play night games and bike around the neighborhood, a flashlight keychain is a great giveaway to help them stay safe. Kids can attach these flashlights to their bags and backpacks thanks to the keychain attachment, making a convenient source of light anytime they’re stuck out after dark. 

Non-Woven Mini Tote Bag

Why give your gifts in a bag that’ll be thrown away when the bag can be one of the gifts? These trendy reusable totes make great goodie bags for kids that they can reuse over and over at home. With their own custom tote, kids can carry their stuff to friends, after school activities, and even help out with the groceries when their parents take them out on shopping trips. 

Saturn 7″ Flying Disk

Even in their early teens when screens start to dominate their lives, kids still love to play outside! Encourage them to play with friends outdoors with these sporty and sophisticated-looking flying discs. Sleek and stylish, a giveaway like this makes playing outside cool again. 

Eco Rubberized Sunglasses

Speaking of cool, is it really an outdoor party if your kids don’t get sunglasses in their goodie bags? While these sunglasses are fun and trendy for all ages, young teens are especially appreciative of these non-toy accessories that keep the sun out of their eyes and are comfortable to wear. 

When throwing a party for kids, it’s important to take their age and interests into account. You can’t give a pen to a three-year-old, and you probably shouldn’t give a teddy bear to a group of teenagers. Our list of the best party favors for kids will help you choose the perfect gifts for every age group. With lots of fun options to choose from, your goodie bags are sure to be the highlight of any party! 

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