Best Spring Promotional Ideas & Giveaways 2022

Ahhhhh, spring! Time for more sun, more heat, more green; time for new life, new activities, and new experiences of all kinds. How will your small business celebrate the season? Our springtime advertising and spring promotional ideas focus on cheery colors, positive vibes, and new beginnings. You’ll see spring products and product trends in 2022 that reflect the optimism we want to see and feel, coupled with an affinity for naturals and neutrals that connect us to calm feelings, a centered self, and always, Mother Earth. Let’s dig in and till the springtime marketing soil.   

Springtime Advertising Colors Are a Breath of Fresh Air

Colors that can’t miss for your spring promotional ideas include pale yellow, bright yellow, pink, green, gray, and tangerine.  Note that earthy tones and neutral hues pair with pastels and brights to make an impression that’s vibrant and calm at the same time. As you promote this spring, combine a brights and pastels with gray or brown for an aesthetic that’s in line with the season. This promotional gel ink pen provides an example of the color palette. Add your name and springtime slogan and get excited about the season:

EnerGel-X® Pastel Barrel Gel Ink Pen 

Tip: See all our brightly colored promotional pens to find the perfect match for your small business.  

Positive Vibes

Winters are long. Cozy, perhaps. Festive, at times. But long, almost always. So here we are with warmer weather and the promise of fun outdoor activities and thriving indoor plants. When you advertise spring products, seasonal menu items, or warm weather specials, you’re helping celebrate the promise of starting anew. Give your messaging staying power when you share it on a promotional product. Leaving your customers with a keepsake helps bring your message to life. We like these promotional giveaways for springtime advertising:  

Design Wrap Squiggle Pen: A little whimsy and lots of room for your uplifting message. Choose the template in the “new” tab (below) and spread good cheer this spring! 

Engraved Bright Diamond Stylus Pen: Nothing says Spring quite like bright colors and this Diamond Stylus Pen is bright from top to tip! Your name and slogan are laser engraved in silver for branding visibility all year long.  

New Beginnings

An ideal area of focus for your springtime advertising is new products, services, and specials. Spring is also a great time to tweak your brand messaging or color palette. A few spring promotional ideas that are easy to implement and promise to leave you and your customers with a skip in their step: 

  • Attach Your Discount to a Day Outdoors: We might tell our clients and employees to stop and smell the roses, tiptoe through the tulips, or take a hike, but your message hits home when you attach it to a freebie, coupon, or chance to win. Have your target audience tag your small business in a photo where they are enjoying spring, and send them a discount code or coupon in return.
  • Reach Out to New People in New Ways: Spring is a great time to venture out of your comfort zone, including new products, services, and target audiences. You’ll find your Spring-loving customers and prospects are more receptive to spring promotional ideas that might be a bit playful or fleeting. Explore a new path or two, right along with your customers. This could be as simple as adjusting your hours as shoppers enjoy more daylight, or as bold as inviting a new community to visit your store.
  • Call Your Sale a Spring Cleaning: Advertise deep cleaning and deep discounts! Some messaging ideas to jumpstart your spring advertising brainstorm:
    • “We need YOU for our spring cleaning! Deep discounts inside!”
    • “Hop on over for deep discounts and invigorating new inventory!”
    • “Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, spring cleaning is happening! Stop by our store for deep discounts and fresh inventory!”
  • Team Up to Make It Fun: Team up with retailers on your block for a spring block party or scavenger hunt. Participate in a Fun Run or Concert in the Park. Sponsor a community baseball league. Get involved as your customers get outside.

Spring Gifts for Customers and Employees

Leverage the lightness and hope that comes with Spring by attaching your brand to the season. As your team and clients begin to feel a bit spritely, give them a customized spring product to keep your brand top of mind as the sun shines bright. We like these: 

Bright Soft Touch Falon Stylus Pen: Bright and elegant, what could be better for spring advertising?  

Full Color Bright Jesse Notebook: Take note, it’s Spring! And your brand’s in full color with this festive notebook. 

20 oz. Sports Bottle with Write-on Surface: Spring weather means outdoor fun, and your brand’s with them as they get on the go when you distribute this bright sports bottle at your next event.  

Bright Cambridge 6 Function Pocket Knife: Welcome spring among customers and employees with a pocket tool that’s as bright as the springtime sun or a field of wildflowers.   

Customized Atchison® Icy Bright Cooler Tote: Encouraging employees to keep it all in perspective? Letting customers know you’re as excited as they are about a season of fresh air and outdoor events? Show them with this quality, customized tote in bright colors that inspire smiles. 

This Spring, Promote and Give with Abandon!

For your springtime advertising, choose offers that excite you and promotional products that spread Spring vibes. Consider spring promotional ideas that are budget friendly and full of fun, and watch business bloom!   

Tip: For more on promoting your brand with bright colors, see our blog, Supercharge Your Spring & Summer Promotional Game with Bright Colors

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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